Trujillo Marinera Festival

Trujillo Marinera Festival[1] is a Peruvian cultural event held annually in Trujillo city in January. The event focuses on a dance contest called the marinera, a typical dance of the city and of the country. The festival also presents parades, presentations and competitions of Peruvian paso horses. Both the marinera dance and the Peruvian paso horse have been declared to be part of the cultural heritage of the nation by the Peruvian government.[2][3] This festival is one of the most important cultural events and representative of the country and Trujillo city has been recognized by the Peruvian government as the National Capital Marinera by Law Number 24447, of January 24, 1986.[4]

Trujillo Marinera Festival
Marinera dancers
GenreCostumbrist Festival
Location(s)Trujillo city, Perú
Years active1960 - present
Most recent52nd edition (2012)
Attendance20,000 (estimated)


Female Marinera dancers, in Trujillo festival held in January of every year

Trujillo is home to the marinera national competition each year. It is a typical dance of the city, organized by the Trujillo Club Libertad and it is performed in the last week of January. Many dance partners from different parts of the country and foreign guests come to the contest every year to compete in the categories of the competition that draws thousands of tourists from around the world. It also highlights the corso through the main streets of the Historic Centre[5] that ends in main Square of Trujillo and the presentation of the typical Peruvian paso in the city.[6] The festival begins with the presentation of the Queen that represents this Marinera Festival then it happen several cultural events for the public attending the festival.


Marinera contestEdit

The National Marinera Contest is held every year during the month of January, in the city of Trujillo. Are presented pairs of dancers from around the country competing in different categories. Dances are entertained by bands of musicians in the city.


It takes place in the streets of the Historic Centre of Trujillo. The dancers and queens participate in this parade with cars decorated with things for the festival, the parade ends in the Plaza de Armas of Trujillo with dances of marinera.

Characters of the festivalEdit

The principal characters are:

  • Queen of Marinera she is the queen of the festival.
  • Dance Champions, the best dancers of the before edition and some invited dancers.
  • Dancers, they compete for categories.
  • Bands of musicians, they animate the dances for the competitions.

Peruvian paso in festivalEdit

During Trujillo marinera festival in January of every year there is also peruvian paso contest.[7] Trujillo is known and considered as the Cradle of the typical Peruvian Paso Horse[8] as well as the Capital of Culture of Peru[9] so as the Capital of the Marinera dance, which is one of the most important cultural events in the country.


Queens of Marinera festivalEdit

Some of the queens of Marinera Festival are the following:

Year Queen of festival Edition
2013 Stephanie Jones Monteverde[10] 53rd
2012 Gabriela Airaldi Doig[11] 52nd

Winners of marinera danceEdit

Some of the winners of Marinera Festival are the following:

Year Dancers Edition Category
2011 Gino Morales
Lizet Castañeda [12]
51st Champions

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