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Trout Lake (British Columbia)

Trout Lake in the interior of British Columbia is a ribbon lake located south-east of Revelstoke. At the north end is Trout Lake City which in the early 1900s was a mining boomtown. It now has only a handful of permanent residents and a growing number of cabin owners that come for the holidays, many from Calgary. At the other end of the lake is the now-abandoned town of Gerrard, the spawning ground of Gerrard Trout.[citation needed]

Trout Lake
Trout Lake winter.JPG
Trout Lake in mid-February
Location British Columbia
Coordinates 50°34′58″N 117°25′20″W / 50.5828°N 117.4222°W / 50.5828; -117.4222Coordinates: 50°34′58″N 117°25′20″W / 50.5828°N 117.4222°W / 50.5828; -117.4222
Type ribbon lake
Basin countries Canada
Settlements Trout Lake City

Trout Lake is known for its fishing (primarily Dolly Varden trout, and Kokanee salmon) and the snowmobiling in the surrounding hills.[citation needed]