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Trotro is a French animated television show aimed at young children. The show is about a young donkey named Trotro. The show is based on the books of Bénédicte Guettier. The show is produced in a series of 78 episodes of 4 minutes each.[1]


Title: Trotro
Director: Eric Cazes and Stephane Lezoray
Scenario: Mary Luz Drouet (supervision) from the books of Bénédicte Guettier
Sets: Evelyne Badami
Storyboards: Lavocat Cecile, Emilie Van Liemt, Jean-Pierre Tardivel
Animation: Michael Battle, Stephanie Delmas, Philippe Grivot Stephanie Kloutz, Olivier Nicolas, François Bertin
Music: Francis Médoc, Frédéric Durieux
Production: Odile Limousin, Delphine Pialot, Jean-Michel Spiner
Production companies: Storimages, 2 Minutes
Number of episodes: 78 (2 seasons)
Time: 4 min
First publication date: 2004 (France 5)

French voicesEdit

  • Florine : Lili
  • Muriel Flory : the mummy of Trotro
  • Vincent Jaspard : the daddy of Trotro
  • Caroline Combes : Nana
  • Simon Koukissa : Boubou


Season 1Edit

  • Trotro plays hide and seek
  • Trotro has a beautiful satchel
  • Trotro is a little monster
  • Trotro can read
  • Trotro shopped
  • Trotro musician
  • Trotro and rain
  • Trotro plays in bed
  • Trotro is in love
  • Trotro made soup
  • Trotro tidies his room
  • Trotro and fish
  • Trotro and the Christmas tree
  • Trotro will not lend
  • Trotro sledging
  • Trotro a nap
  • Trotro is greedy
  • Trotro and bed
  • Trotro disguises
  • Trotro grooms
  • Trotro dresses
  • Trotro and compliment
  • Trotro biked
  • Trotro and snack on grass
  • Trotro and His Bucket
  • Trotro and the Snowman
  • Trotro made a cake
  • Photo Trotro
  • Hello Trotro?
  • Trotro clown
  • Trotro draws
  • Trotro found Teddy
  • Trotro amazes Nana
  • Trotro is a daddy
  • Trotro sprinkles
  • Trotro and hedgehog
  • Trotro rollerblades
  • Trotro and goldfish

Season 2Edit

  • Trotro judo champion
  • Trotro and bag lucky
  • Trotro and the tortoise
  • Trotro learns to dance
  • Trotro is cranky
  • Trotro and the anniversary of Nana
  • Trotro and the kite
  • Not now, Trotro!
  • Hut Trotro
  • Trotro and his orchestra
  • Trotro and whistle
  • Trotro and the secret box
  • When Trotro be great
  • Trotro and bouquet
  • Hush Trotro
  • Trotro's a baby
  • Trotro can do it all alone
  • Trotro been painting
  • Trotro plays with his feet
  • Trotro want candy
  • Trotro on vacation
  • Trotro and the bird
  • Trotro little gardener
  • Trotro and garden
  • Bath Trotro
  • Trotro and nest
  • Trotro raced
  • Trotro nice
  • Trotro and sandcastle
  • Trotro is a great
  • Home Trotro
  • Trotro and treasure hunting
  • Trotro and playing the market
  • Trotro and angling
  • Trotro trots
  • Trotro done all such
  • Zoo Trotro
  • Trotro makes bubbles
  • Trotro and Christmas gifts

Other networksEdit

Region Network Dates
World Disney Channel 2004-present
  Spain Fox Kids 2004-2005
  United States   Japan   United Kingdom   India   France   Germany   Italy Toon Disney 2005-2007, 2009, 2010, 2011
  India Hungama TV 2006-present
World Disney XD 2009-2019
World Playhouse Disney block: 2004-2011 channel: 2006-2011
World Disney Junior block: 2011-present channel: 2012-present
  United States ABC 2004-present
World Disney Cinemagic 2009-2012, 2013, 2015, 2019


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