Trollope & Colls

Trollope & Colls was once one of the United Kingdom's largest construction companies.

Trollope & Colls
SuccessorTrafalgar House
HeadquartersMarlow, UK


The Company was formed in 1903, out of the merger of George Trollope & Sons (founded by Joseph Trollope, a wallpaper hanger, in 1778) and Colls & Sons (founded by Benjamin Colls, a painter and decorator, in 1840).[1]

The merged firm started to specialise in civil engineering and during the First World War undertook pioneering work on reinforced concrete.[1] In 1969 the Company was acquired by Trafalgar House.[1] By 1994 it was the largest contractor in the United Kingdom by turnover.[2]

On 18 April 1996 Norwegian shipbuilding and engineering group Kvaerner acquired Trafalgar House Construction, as the business became known, as part of a £904 million offer for Trafalgar House plc.[3]

The Stock Exchange Tower built by Trollope & Colls

Major projectsEdit

Projects undertaken by the company and its predecessors included: Her Majesty's Theatre completed in 1869,[1] St Philip's Church, Battersea completed in 1870,[1] the Institute of Chartered Accountants completed in 1892,[1] Claridge's completed in 1897,[1] the Baltic Exchange completed in 1903,[1] the Debenhams Headquarters in Wigmore Street completed in 1908,[1] Lloyds Bank in Lombard Street completed in 1931,[1] the Ministry of Defence Main Building completed in 1959,[4] Trawsfynndd power station completed in 1962,[1] Hull Royal Infirmary completed in 1965,[5] Northwick Park Hospital completed in 1970[1] and the Stock Exchange Tower completed in 1972.[1]


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  • Trollope & Colls, City builders for 200 years 1778-1978, Published in 1978, Printed by Precision Press for Trollope & Colls, Marlow, Buckinghamshire

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