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Trish Karter is an American entrepreneur and the founder of the Dancing Deer Baking Co..

Early life and educationEdit

Karter is a graduate of Lyme-Old Lyme High School, Wheaton College, and the Yale School of Management.[1]

She is the daughter of Peter Karter, a pioneer of the modern materials recycling industry.[2] Karter lives in Milton, Massachusetts [1] and is the mother of two children, Dimitri and Eleanna Antoniou.[3]


Karter was the founder and CEO of the Dancing Deer Baking Company, a Boston-based producer of high-end, natural baked goods for nationwide distribution.[4] The company is known for its commitment to employing and providing opportunity to individuals from deprived backgrounds.[5][6][7]

The company is noted for producing all-natural, preservative-free products.[8]

Karter is also an artist; part of the success of the Dancing Deer line of baked goods is credited to the "whimsical" figures that she has created to decorate the company's packaging.[9]


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