Triple Portrait of Arrigo, Pietro and Amon

Triple Portrait of Arrigo, Pietro and Amon is a 1598-1600 painting by Agostino Carracci, produced in Rome whilst he was assisting his brother Annibale Carracci with the frescoes in the Palazzo Farnese for Odoardo Farnese. It is now in the National Museum of Capodimonte in Naples.

Triple Portrait of Arrigo, Pietro and Amon (1598-1600) by Agostino Carracci

Previously misidentified as an allegorical or mythological artwork, Roberto Zapperi has identified it instead as a group portrait.[1] To the right is the hairy-faced Arrigo, a sufferer from hypertrichosis, with the head of 'Pietro Matto' or 'Mad Peter' in the top right hand corner. To the left is the dwarf Amon, with a parrot on his shoulder and a dog under his right arm.[2]


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