Triopas of Argos

In Greek mythology, Triopas (/ˈtrəpəs/) or Triops (/ˈtr.əps, ˈtrˌɒps/; Ancient Greek: Τρίωψ, gen.: Τρίοπος) was the seventh king of Argos.[1][2][3] Triopas may be an aspect of the Argive Zeus (sometimes represented with a third eye on his forehead), or may be his human representative.


The name's popular etymology is "he who has three eyes" (from τρι- "three" + -ωπ- "see") but the ending -ωψ, -οπος suggests a Pre-Greek origin.


Triopas belonged to the house of Phoroneus of Argos. According to Hyginus' Fabulae, he was the son of Piranthus and Callirhoe, brother of Argus and Arestorides and the father by Oreasis (Oreaside) of Xanthus[1] and Inachus (probably Iasus). Eurisabe, Anthus, Pelasgus and Agenor were probably Triopas' sons when we took into account that Iasus was always called the brother of Pelasgus and Agenor even though their parentage was differently given.[4] Alternatively, Triopas was also called the son of Phorbas and Euboea, brother of Arestor and father again of Pelasgus, Iasus, Agenor and a daughter Messene.[5] In the latter case, among these children, the eldest were the twins Pelasgus and Iasus who were mothered by Sois.[6]

Comparative table of Triopas' family
Relation Names Source
Scholia on Euripides Hyginus Pausanias
Parentage Phorbas and Euboea
Piranthus and Callirhoe
Siblings Arestor or Arestorides
Wife Sois
Children Pelasgus


According to Eusebius, Triopas reigned for 46 years, in which Prometheus, Epimetheus, Atlas and Io lived during this time. He succeeded either his father Piranthus or Phorbas to the throne of Argos and was in turn replaced either by his son Iasus or Agenor, or by his grandson Crotopus (son himself of Agenor). Triopas was a contemporary of the autochthon Cecrops, first king of Athens and Marathonius, the thirteenth king of Sicyon.[2]

Regnal titles
Preceded by King of Argos Succeeded by
Chronology of Triopas' reign
Kings of Argos Regnal Years Castor Regnal Years Syncellus Regnal Years Hyginus Pausanias Regnal Years Tatian
Predecessor 1542.5 35 winters & summers Phorbas 1539.5 25 winters & summers Phorbas 1575 Peranthus Peirasus or Phorbas 1550 Phorbas
Triopas 1525 46 winters & summers Triopas 1527 36 winters & summers Triopas 1550 Triopas -do- 1525 Triopas
Successor 1502 21 years Crotopus 1509 24 winters & summers Crotopus 1525 Agenor or Iasus Agenor or Iasus 1500 Crotopus