Tridente, Rome

The Tridente (Italian for Trident) is the complex of roads formed by three straight streets of Rome (Italy), departing from Piazza del Popolo and diverging southward, taking the shape of a trident.


The Tridente inside Campus Martius

The street complex of the Tridente originates from an important city planning project released between 15th and 17th century, which reorganized the three streets that, starting from the main gateway of Rome, Porta del Popolo, conveyed the traffic towards the major basilicas:

Presently at the far end of the three streets forming the Tridente are respectively:

  • Piazza Cardelli and Via della Scrofa, at the end of Via di Ripetta;
  • Piazza Venezia, at the end of Via del Corso;
  • Piazza di Spagna, at the end of Via del Babuino.


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