Tricky Business (novel)

Tricky Business is Dave Barry's second novel. It was first published in 2002. Like his previous novel, Big Trouble, its events take place over only 1-2 days, in and around Miami, Florida.

Tricky Business
AuthorDave Barry
CountryUnited States
GenreNovel/ Humor
Publication date
Preceded byBig Trouble 
Followed byInsane City 


The Extravaganza of the Seas is a gambling ship headed into a tropical storm, with more immediate trouble in the form of gamblers, crime bosses, gangsters and other shady characters fighting over money and drugs. Wally, a clueless rock guitarist, and Fay, a clever CIA agent posing as a cocktail waitress, serve as the romantic leads.


The book received mixed reviews. CNN said that Barry was "very good" at this new direction, writing his first crime comedy.[1] Kirkus Reviews said that the book's low humor would appeal to "all those guys who keep America moving slightly off-course and to the women who love them."[2] Publisher's Weekly wrote that Barry showed his "penchant" for potty humor and slapstick, but was able to craft "some captivating characters and keep a reader's attention" throughout.[3]