The "Tribe Fight Song" is the official fight song of The College of William & Mary, located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Throughout the College's history there have been three official fight songs.[1] The original fight song, titled "Victory", was written in 1929 by Oscar E. Wilkinson.[1] Two years later, a new fight song titled "Fight, Fight, Fight for the Indians"1 was published in the William & Mary student handbook.[1] Many years later, a third edition was written which is still used today. Simply "Tribe Fight Song", it is supposed to be sung after every touchdown the Tribe football team scores at home games.[1]

A second, lesser known song was composed by Rolf Kennard in the 1930s. The "William & Mary Victory March" is occasionally played before games, most often at Homecoming.


  • ^1 William & Mary used to be known as the Indians prior to their moniker change to the Tribe.


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