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The Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat (TBS) is the administrative branch of the Treasury Board of Canada. The role of the secretariat is to support the Treasury Board as a committee of ministers, and to fulfill the statutory responsibilities of a central government agency. The TBS provides advice to Treasury Board ministers in the management and administration of government.


The TBS functions as the government's management board, oversees the operations of the federal government as a whole, and serves as the general manager and employer of the federal Public Service. TBS is also responsible for the comptrollership function of government, providing oversight of the financial management functions in departments and agencies.

It is headed by a Secretary who reports to the incumbent President of the Treasury Board and Chair of the Treasury Board. The Honourable Navdeep Singh Bains serves as Vice Chair of the Treasury Board.

TBS offices are located primarily in the L'Esplanade Laurier office complex in Ottawa, though there are several smaller offices elsewhere in Ottawa, as well as regional offices throughout Canada.


The Secretary from 2012 to 3 April 2018 was Yaprak Baltacıoğlu, an immigrant at age 21 from Turkey to Canada.[1][2] In 2009, she wed the then-current Deputy Minister of Defence.[3]

In February 2018, Justin Trudeau announced that Peter Wallace, who was then City Manager for the City of Toronto government and formerly had been Secretary of the Cabinet in the Government of Ontario and head of the Ontario Public Service, was to become Secretary of the Treasury Board on 4 April 2018.[4][5] He was previously Secretary to the Treasury Board for three years, and Deputy Minister of Finance in the Federal government.[6] He had during his tenure in Toronto, been at loggerheads with a council led by Mayor John Tory which had refused to take his advice about the city’s parlous financial conditions, and said in an exit interview that:[7]

Current Structure of Treasury Board SecretariatEdit

  • President of the Treasury Board
    • Secretary of the Treasury Board
      • Associate Secretary
      • Chief Human Resources Officer
      • Comptroller General of Canada
        • Assistant Secretary, Corporate Services Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, Economic Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, Expenditure Management Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, Government Operations Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, International Affairs, Security and Justice Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, Priorities and Planning Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, Regulatory Affairs Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, Social and Cultural Sector
        • Assistant Secretary, Strategic Communications and Ministerial Affairs Sector
        • Chief Information Officer, Chief Information Officer Branch
        • Senior Director, Internal Audit and Evaluation Bureau
        • Senior General Counsel, Legal Services Branch

The GC 2.0 Program Office in the CIO Branch of Treasury Board Secretariat is responsible for maintaining GCpedia, the Government of Canada internal wiki.


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