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Traveler (died 1912), was a foundation sire of the American Quarter Horse breed, but mystery surrounds him as his breeding is completely unknown.[1] He appeared in Texas in the mid-1880s and eventually ended up as a match racehorse and stallion.[2] Some stories have him part of a contractor's work string doing grading work on a railroad being constructed in Eastland County, Texas.[3] Whether or not this story is true, the first recorded owner of Traveler was a man named Brown Seay.[4]

BreedUnknown, but a foundation sire for the Quarter Horse
Maternal grandsireunknown
Foaledabout 1880
CountryUnited States
American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame

Traveler was a light sorrel horse, with light amounts of roaning on his flanks. Markings were a snip, and a streak on the face. Standing around 15 hands (60 inches; 152 cm), he was leggy but well muscled, although George Clegg said the horse was the shortest backed horse he had ever seen.[4] He was also owned by the Shely brothers, who bred most of his most famous offspring. While owned by Seay, Traveler was match raced extensively in Texas.[5]

Traveler died in 1912 and sources estimate his age at 32.[2][6] He sired such influential Quarter Horses as Little Joe, King (later named Possum), Jim Ned, Judge Thomas, Texas Chief, and Captain Joe.[1] Other descendants included Joe Reed II, Hard Twist, Silver King, Tonto Bars Hank, and Tonto Bars Gill.[7]

Traveler was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 1994.[6]


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