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Transverse Valleys

The Transverse Valleys (Spanish: Valles transversales) are a group of transverse valleys in the semi-arid northern Chile. They run from east to west (traversing Chile), being among the most prominent geographical features in the regions they cross.[1] They are located in the Chilean regions of Valparaíso, Coquimbo, and Atacama. They share some characteristics, such as reaching the Pacific Ocean without passing through an Intermediate Depression, being rather deep and dissecting the landscape, concentrating most agriculture and population in the areas through which they pass, and being intensively cultivated. They are one of the defining elements the Chilean natural region of Norte Chico. The area of the Transverse Valleys spans roughly a length of 600 km from north to south.[1]

Transverse Valleys
Name Photo Region Reference
Copiapó Valley ValledeCopiapo.jpg Atacama [2]
Huasco Valley CabeceraRioHuasco.jpg Atacama [2]
Elqui Valley Valle del Elqui.jpg Coquimbo [3]
Limarí Valley Nac rio limari.jpg Coquimbo [3]
Choapa Valley Valle del Choapa.jpg Coquimbo [3]
Aconcagua Valley Rio Aconcagua 2.jpg Valparaíso [4]

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