Transmission system

See Transmission (mechanics) for a car's transmission system

In telecommunications, a transmission system is a system that transmits a signal from one place to another. The signal can be an electrical, optical or radio signal.

Some transmission systems contain multipliers, which amplify a signal prior to re-transmission, or regenerators, which attempt to reconstruct and re-shape the coded message before re-transmission.

One of the most widely used transmission system technologies in the Internet and the PSTN is SONET.

Also, transmission system is the medium through which data is transmitted from one point to another. Examples of common transmission systems people use everyday are: the internet, mobile network, cordless cables, etc.

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In order to propel the vehicle, a particular type of speed and power changing device is required to transfer the power developed by engine to the driving wheel due to constantly changing requirement demand on the engine and inherent limitation is called transmission, and this system is called transmission system.