Tram 11

Tram 11 is a Croatian rap group from Zagreb that was one of the first successful rap acts in Croatia.[1]

Tram 11
OriginZagreb, Croatia
GenresHip hop
Years active1996 - 2003 2017-
Past membersGeneral Woo, Target


The group formed in 1996 by Nenad Šimun "Target" and Srđan Ćuk "General Woo". They are named after a tram line number 11, that connects the western part of Zagreb from where Target is, with eastern part where General Woo lived. At that time Croatia had no recognized rappers until Tram 11 emerged in the "Blackout Project", a radio show started at "Radio 101" in 1993 to promote hip-hop and rap in Croatia.[2]

The band's song "Hrvatski velikani" (Croatian Greats), referencing the important historical figures featured on Croatian currency, was the first rap song to hit #1 on Croatian music top-lists.[2]

Their album Čovječe ne ljuti se(Man don't be angry) was released in 1999.

Their song "Kužiš Spiku" (You Understand the Slang) was subsequently included on the compilation The Best of International Hip-Hop.

They disbanded in 2003, because they got in a feud. Soon Target got schizophrenia and started recording solo. He dropped out "MC (album)" that did not have success, same as "The Album... Nastavak". General Woo dropped out his album with Nered, "Baš je lijep ovaj svijet" (This World is So Beautiful).

In 2009, Tram 11 saw a brief revival when General Woo appeared on Target's song "Stavi ovo na roštilj" (Put This on the Barbecue) that was featured on his solo album "Još jedan dan u Zagrebu" (One More Day in Zagreb).

In 2010, Target and General Woo appeared on the documentary "Hip Hop priča iz Hrvatske", meaning Hip Hop story from Croatia.[3]


On April 1, 2017, after 14 years of inactivity Tram 11 announced a big comeback concert to be held on November 11, 2017 at Dom Sportova.[4] The concert was sold out 45 days in advance of the event, which is a record for this venue (holding up to 8000 people).


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