Traffic (Estonian band)

Traffic is an Estonian band from Tallinn, Estonia, most notable for being in Eesti Laul 2009, Eesti Laul 2012, Eesti Laul 2014 and Eesti Laul 2020.

OriginTallinn, Estonia
GenresIndie folk, bluegrass, pop rock
Years active2006 (2006)–present
MembersSilver Laas
Stig Rästa
Tõnis Kivisild
Ivo Priilinn
Robert Vaigla
Past membersReigo Ahven


Lead vocalist Silver Laas.

The founding members of the band, singer Silver Laas and guitarist Stig Rästa (previously of the band Slobodan River) came together in 2006. Through personal connections they found other band members: bass guitarist Tõnis Kivisild, drummer Reigo Ahven, and guitarist Karl Kanter. Kanter and Ahven left the band shortly after and were replaced with guitarist Robert Vaigla (previously of the band Slide-Fifty)[1] and drummer Ivo Priilinn.

Rästa writes most of the band's music, while the lyrics are written by different authors.[2]

Eesti Laul participationEdit

The band have participated in Eesti Laul on four occasions, qualifying for the final on each one of them. Their first participation was in Eesti Laul 2009 with their song "See päev". The song finished in the top two, and thus went to the superfinal. However, Urban Symphony's song "Randajad" won convincingly in the superfinal, receiving 82% of the vote to Traffic's 18% and leaving them in second place. This is their highest scoring entry in Eesti Laul to this date.

In Eesti Laul 2012, the band returned with their song "NASA". They qualified for the final, however ended up finishing last in the final.

Their song for Eesti Laul 2014 was named "Für Elise". They received a far better result than the one they had received in 2014, reaching third place in the final and nearly qualifying for the superfinal.

They returned to Eesti Laul in 2020 with their song "Üks kord veel", coming fifth in the grand final.



  • Traffic (2007)
  • 2 (2008)
  • Siirius (2012)[3]


  • "Kallis, ära küsi" (2006) ("Honey, Do Not Ask")
  • "Vastassuunas" (2006) ("In the Opposite Direction")
  • "Meie laul" (feat. Maarja-Liis Ilus; 2007) ("Our Song")
  • "Päevast päeva" (2007) ("From Day to Day")
  • "It's Never Too Late" (feat. Luisa Värk; 2008)
  • "Sõnad" (2008) ("Words")
  • "Kesköödisko" (2008) ("Midnight Disco")
  • "Tuul" (2008/2009) ("Wind")
  • "See päev" (Eesti Laul 2009) ("This Day")
  • "NASA" (Eesti Laul 2012)
  • "Für Elise" (Eesti Laul 2014)
  • "Sekundiga" (2015)
  • "Natukene veel" (2016)
  • "Varjud" (with Lenna Kuurmaa, 2017)
  • "Vead" (2018)
  • "Ei Anna Alla" (2018)
  • "Teisiti ei saa" (2019)
  • "Üks kord veel" (Eesti Laul 2020)

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