Track or Tracks may refer to:

Routes or imprints edit

  • Ancient trackway, any track or trail whose origin is lost in antiquity
  • Animal track, imprints left on surfaces that an animal walks across
  • Desire path, a line worn by people taking the shortest/most convenient route across fields, parks or woods
  • Forest track, a track (unpaved road) or trail through a forest
  • Fossil trackway, a type of trace fossil, usually preserving a line of animal footprints
  • Trackway, an ancient route of travel or track used by animals
  • Trail
  • Vineyard track, a land estate (defined by law) meant for the growing of vine grapes

Arts, entertainment, and media edit

Films edit

Literature edit

  • Tracks (novel), written by Native American author Louise Erdrich
  • Tracks, a 1980 book by Australian writer Robyn Davidson, source of the 2013 film in the section above
  • The Tracks, a young adult novel series by J. Gabriel Gates and Charlene Keel

Music edit

Albums edit

Songs edit

  • "Track #1", the original title of "Stinkfist", at the time of its release to avoid removal from the band Tool
  • "Tracks", by Gary Numan on his album The Pleasure Principle
  • "Tracks", by Juliana Hatfield on her album Wild Animals
  • "Tracks", by Roam on their album Backbone

Music production edit

Other arts, entertainment, and media edit

Electronics and computing edit

Sport edit

Transportation edit

  • Track (rail transport), metal tracks on which trains ride
  • Bus track, a track for certain buses, like the O-Bahn buses
  • Axle track, the distance between centres of roadwheels on an axle of a motor vehicle
  • Continuous track, a belt providing motive traction for a tracked vehicle such as a tank or a bulldozer
  • Course (navigation), the path a vessel or aircraft plots over the surface of the Earth
    • Ground track, the path on the surface of the Earth directly below an aircraft or satellite
    • Ocean track, in flight planning, the path of an aircraft as determined by heading, slip, and wind effects

Other uses edit

  • Conference track, a group of talks on a certain topic that are usually made in parallel with others
  • Tracks Inc (Tracks Dance Theatre), based in Darwin, Australia
  •  Recording of one song or piece of music

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