Tracie Chima Utoh

Tracie Chima Utoh, also known as Tracie Utoh-Ezeajugh, is a Nigerian playwright and Professor of Film and Theatre Design at Nnamdi Azikiwe University.[1][2] In 2015 she was an ACLS/ASA Presidential Fellow, a scheme which invites "outstanding Africa-based scholars" to attend the African Studies Association annual conference and spend a week in an American institution before the conference.[3]

Her academic speciality is the study of the use of costume, makeup and body art, "both as art and as aids to characterisation on stage and in films".[3]

N.E. Izuu, writing in Creative Artist: A Journal of Theatre and Media Studies said that Utoh "exhibits a profound proclivity towards the reiteration of humanist agitation (rather than feminist) which aims at rechannelling literary emphasis to more debilitating phenomena in contemporary society other than the re-inscription of gendered disputations".[4]

Selected publicationsEdit


  • Who owns this coffin? : and other plays (1999, Jos, Nigeria : Sweetop Publications)[5]
  • Our wives have gone mad again! and other plays (2001, Awka, Anambra State [Nigeria] : Valid Pub. Co. (Nig.) Ltd; ISBN 9789780490355)
  • Nneora : an African doll's house (2005, Awka : Valid Publishing Co; ISBN 9789780667153)

Other writingsEdit

  • The humanities and globalisation in the 3rd millennium edited by A B C Chiegboka, Tracie Chima Utoh, and G I Ukechukwu (2010, Nimo, Nigeria : Rex Charles & Patrick; ISBN 9789784993234)


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