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Toyota Verblitz is a Japanese rugby union team in the Top League. Verblitz is a conflation of verde (Portuguese for 'green') and blitz (German for 'lightning'). The team is owned by Toyota Jidosha (Toyota Motors) and is separate from, and not to be confused with, the Toyota Industries Shuttles rugby team, owned by Toyota Industries. They share Toyota Stadium in the city of Toyota, Aichi with the football club Nagoya Grampus which also used to be owned by Toyota Motors.

Toyota Verblitz
Full nameToyota Verblitz
UnionJapan Rugby Football Union
LocationToyota, Aichi, Japan
Ground(s)Mizuho Rugby Stadium (Capacity: 15,000)
Coach(es)Simon Cron
League(s)Top League
1st kit
2nd kit

Slogan for 2006 season: 克己 Kokki (Self-Control)



Verblitz (surprisingly given the team's pedigree) failed to make the cut for the first season of the Top League (2003-4) but entered the Top League in the second season and were a contender for the second Microsoft Cup. They lost the Japan Championship final on February 27, 2005 to NEC Green Rockets 13-17.

In August 2005 Verblitz beat Newcastle Falcons at home. On February 12, 2006 they lost to Waseda University RFC in the Japan Championships, 24-28. This was the first time a Top League team had lost to a university team.

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