Toussaint Dubreuil

"Hyacinthe and Climène at Their Morning Toilet" (detail) (a scene from Pierre de Ronsard's Franciade (1602) (Louvre)

Toussaint Dubreuil (c. 1561 – 22 November 1602) was a French painter associated (from 1594) with the second School of Fontainebleau (together with the artists Martin Fréminet and Ambroise Dubois) and Italianism, a transitional art style.[1]

Dubreuil was born in Paris. His works in the late Mannerist style, many of which have been lost, continue in the use of highly elongated and undulating forms and crowded compositions reminiscent of the work of Francesco Primaticcio (c. 1505–1570). Many of Dubreuil's subjects include mythological scenes and scenes from works of fiction by such writers as the Italian Torquato Tasso, the ancient Greek novelist Heliodorus of Emesa and French poet Pierre de Ronsard.

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