Tour of Japan

The Tour of Japan is an annual professional road bicycle racing stage race held in Japan since 1996 as part of the UCI Asia Tour. It is sanctioned by the International Cycling Union (UCI) as a 2.1 category race.

Tour of Japan
Race details
English nameTour of Japan
Local name(s)ツアー・オブ・ジャパン (in Japanese)
CompetitionUCI Asia Tour 2.1
TypeStage race
OrganiserCycle Month Promotion Council
Race directorOsamu Kurimura
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First edition1996 (1996)
Editions22 (as of 2019)
First winner Jean-Philippe Duracka (FRA)
Most wins Fortunato Baliani (ITA)
 Samad Pourseyedi (IRI)
 Óscar Pujol (ESP)
(2 wins)
Most recent Chris Harper (AUS)


Tour of Japan was formed as the successor of the Kokusai Cycle Road Race which began in 1982.[1] In 1996, Tour of Japan began as a UCI category 2-5 stage race,[2] and became category 2–4 in 1997. It was downgraded to category 2–5 in 2002.[3]

As the UCI race system was reformed in 2005, it was included in UCI Asia Tour as a category 2.2 event. It became category 2.1 since 2013.

The event for 2003 was canceled for concern over the SARS outbreak in China, and for 2011 was canceled because of the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. The 2020 event was canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Past winnersEdit

General classificationEdit

Year Country Rider Team
1996   France Jean-Philippe Duracka France (national team)
1997   United States Bart Bowen Saturn
1998   United States Frank McCormack Saturn
1999   Poland Andrzej Sypytkowski Mróz
2000    Switzerland Mauro Gianetti Vini Caldirola-Sidermec
2001   Poland Paweł Niedźwiecki Mróz–Supradyn Witaminy
2002   Ukraine Oleksandr Klymenko Mróz–Supradyn Witaminy
2003 No race
2004   Japan Shinichi Fukushima Bridgestone Anchor
2005   Colombia Félix Cárdenas Barloworld
2006   Ukraine Vladimir Duma C.B. Immobiliare-Universal Caffè
2007   Italy Francesco Masciarelli Acqua & Sapone–Caffè Mokambo
2008   Australia Cameron Meyer
2009   Spain Sergio Pardilla Carmiooro A Style
2010   Italy Cristiano Salerno De Rosa–Stac Plastic
2011 No race
2012   Italy Fortunato Baliani Team Nippo
2013   Italy Fortunato Baliani Team Nippo–De Rosa
2014   Iran Samad Pourseyedi Tabriz Petrochemical Team
2015   Iran Samad Pourseyedi Tabriz Petrochemical Team
2016   Spain Óscar Pujol Team UKYO
2017   Spain Óscar Pujol Team UKYO
2018   Spain Marcos García Kinan Cycling Team
2019   Australia Chris Harper Team BridgeLane
2020 No race

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