Tour do Brasil

The Tour do Brasil, also known as the International Cycling Tour of the State of São Paulo (Portuguese: Volta de Ciclismo Internacional do Estado de São Paulo) is a road cycling stage race held in the state of São Paulo. The race exists since 2004 as an elite men's competition over a prologue and 8 to 9 stages. The race is currently a 2.2 event in the UCI America Tour.

Tour do Brasil
Race details
DateVarious, most recently February
Local name(s)Volta de Ciclismo Internacional do Estado de São Paulo
CompetitionUCI America Tour
TypeStage race
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First edition2004 (2004)
Editions10 (as of 2014)
First winner Antônio Nascimento (BRA)
Most wins Gregory Panizo (BRA)
 Magno Nazaret (BRA)
(2 wins)
Most recent Magno Nazaret (BRA)

Past winnersEdit

Year Country Rider Team
2004   Brazil Antonio Nascimento Memorial-Santos
2005   Argentina Jorge Giacinti Memorial-Santos
2006   Brazil Alex Diniz CESC-Sundown
2007   Brazil Marcos Novello Memorial-Santos
2008   Brazil Gregory Panizo Clube DataRo de Ciclismo
2009   Portugal Sergio Ribeiro Barbot-Siper
2010   Brazil Gregory Panizo Clube DataRo de Ciclismo
2011   Brazil José Eriberto Rodrigues Padaria Real-Caloi-Ceu Azul Alimentos
2012   Brazil Magno Nazaret Funvic–Pindamonhangaba
2013 No race
2014   Brazil Magno Nazaret Funvic Brasilinvest–São José dos Campos