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Totally Outrageous Behavior

Totally Outrageous Behavior is a comedy television series about stupid behavior caught on tape. The series was hosted by Mike Muscat.

Some of the events shownEdit

  • Boxer punches referee...twice.
  • Balloons fly into high-voltage power lines.
  • Judge gets skewered by javelin.
  • Pop singer gets zapped by microphone, and has a bookcase fall on him.
  • Man runs into concrete silo with tractor...and it falls on top of him.
  • Car flies off ramp...and doesn't exactly make a safe landing.
  • A rancher is raped by a donkey.
  • Two teens ride scooters completely naked.
  • Cop pulls over speeding driver, locks his keys in his car, and asks the guy he pulls over to give him a ride to the Police Station.

The show is known for its excessive use of puns.

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