Totally Awesome is a television film produced by VH1. Totally Awesome directly parodies a number of 1980s movies, including Dirty Dancing, Soul Man, Footloose, Some Kind of Wonderful, Sixteen Candles, Teen Wolf, Better Off Dead, Lucas, Pretty in Pink, and The Karate Kid.

Totally Awesome
Totally awesome poster.jpg
Film poster
Written byNeal Brennan
Michael Schur
Directed byNeal Brennan
StarringMikey Day
Dominique Swain
James Hong
Chris Kattan
Theme music composerJames Poyser
Country of originUnited States
Original language(s)English
Producer(s)David Miner
CinematographyTodd Elyzen
Editor(s)Edward Chin
Running time99 minutes
Production company(s)3 Arts Entertainment
VH1 Films
The Weinstein Company
Original networkMTV
Original release
  • November¬†4,¬†2006¬†(2006-11-04)

The film premiered on November 4, 2006, on VH1, and was broadcast to promote the film's DVD release on November 7.


Ben Stein introduces the film as a long-lost film from the 1980s, so a lot of the jokes are now outdated in 2006.

As the Gunderson family sets out on a cross-country road trip to their new home, boyishly handsome Charlie, blossoming dancer Lori, and highly intelligent Max all have their own ideas of what life will be like in their new town. When Charlie is singled out as the least popular senior on the very first day of school, kindly outcast Billie amiably agrees to show him the ropes and provide him with an illuminating crash course in the clique system. Meanwhile, Lori is shocked to discover that dancing has been banned in her new town and the only place to cut loose is at the clandestine dance sessions held in the garage of current janitor and former dance instructor Gabriel. Immediately forbidden from attending the highly secretive shindigs, Lori stealthily sneaks out to be with the kindly Gabriel as her feelings for the dance instructor grow and the pair set into motion a clever plan to usher in a new era of dancing around town. When Charlie vows to win the heart of popular girl Kimberly by competing against her athletic boyfriend, Kipp, in the upcoming school decathlon, lovelorn Billie quietly pines for the clueless newcomer from afar as he begins a rigorous training regiment with Japanese gardener Yamagashi. As his family struggles to adjust to their new life, reclusive genius Max continues working on a highly advanced home computer that soon draws the attention of the CIA.[1]



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