Total Drama Island (sometimes shortened to TDI) is the first season of Total Drama series, a Canadian animated comedy television series created by Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch. The series premiered in Canada on Teletoon on July 8, 2007, and ran for 26 episodes, each 22 minutes in duration[1] with a special 44-minute season finale.

Total Drama Island
Season 1
No. of episodes27
Original networkTeletoon (Canada)
Cartoon Network (U.S.)
Original releaseJuly 8, 2007 (2007-07-08) –
November 29, 2008 (2008-11-29)
Season chronology
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Plot edit

A grand view of the main setting used in this season (which is artificially recreated in the next season). The island is also used in the fourth and fifth seasons (which leads to its destruction).

Total Drama Island is set in the fictional titular reality show, which follows the competition of twenty-two unsuspecting and unwitting teenagers at Camp Wawanakwa, the most rundown, insect-infested, disgusting island in an unspecified area in Muskoka, Ontario. The campers participate in competitions and challenges that get more insane and dangerous each week to avoid being voted off the island by their fellow campers and teammates. At the end of the series, the winning contestant will receive C$100,000 (US$73,129.00). The competition is hosted by Chris McLean, assisted by the camp's chef, Chef Hatchet, who is also Chris's best friend despite being mistreated at times. Egotistical and immoral, unless something affects him legally, Chris places the show's contestants in various life-threatening challenges.

At the beginning of the season, the campers are placed into two groups of eleven, the "Screaming Gophers" and the "Killer Bass". In each episode, the teams participate in a challenge, in which one or more campers can win invincibility for their team. The losing team is called to the campfire that night, where the losing team vote one of their members off the island. The camper with the most votes is eliminated from the competition. At this campfire, chris McLean passes out marshmallows to the campers who have not been voted off, while the one who does not get a marshmallow must walk down the Dock of Shame to the Boat of Losers, which will take them away from the island (which is actually a hotel/resort quite close to the island with a pool and luxuries) and they will "never, never, never, ever, ever, ever, come back, ever" according to Chris (this was proved to be a lie in Episode 15, "No Pain, No Game", when he brought Eva and Izzy back into the game).

In Episode 14, the teams are disbanded, so it is every camper for themselves, after which the challenges continue; the winner of each challenge then only receives invincibility for themselves, whereupon the rest of the campers vote one camper without invincibility off the island. This process of elimination continues until two players remain. They are then subject to a final contest.

Total Drama Island is a parody of the reality show Survivor. McLean is very similar to Survivor host Jeff Probst.[2] This is the first season in which the winner does not get to keep the money, due to it being eaten by a shark in the episode "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island". Owen won the first season.

Episodes edit

Total Drama Island premiered on July 8, 2007, on the Teletoon channel. This season has 26 episodes, each 22 minutes long, and two special episodes.[3] It was the third Cartoon Network show outside of Adult Swim and Toonami to have the U.S. rating of either "TV-PG" or "TV-PG-D", and a parental-guidance warning after every commercial break and at the beginning of the show (the first two being Sunday Pants and IGPX). Its rating in Canada was initially "G"; current broadcasts are rated "PG".

No. in
Title [4]Written byCanadian air dateU.S. air dateProd.
code [5]
11"Not So Happy Campers – Part 1"Jennifer PertschJuly 8, 2007 (2007-07-08)June 5, 2008101
In the series premiere, twenty-two campers (consisting of Owen, Gwen, Heather, Duncan, LeShawna, Geoff, Izzy, DJ, Lindsay, Bridgette, Trent, Harold, Courtney, Sadie, Beth, Cody, Tyler, Katie, Justin, Noah, Eva, and Ezekiel) arrive at the run-down Camp Wawanakwa, where they will spend eight weeks (56 days), with the host Chris McLean as the camp counselor. The campers are split into two teams: the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The Screaming Gophers are Noah, Justin, Katie, Cody, Beth, Trent, Lindsay, Leshawna, Heather, Owen, and Gwen. The Killer Bass are Ezekiel, Eva, Tyler, Izzy, Sadie, Courtney, Harold, Bridgette, DJ, Geoff, and Duncan. The campers head to see where they will be living, and they go to eat and meet Chris' best friend and sidekick, Chef Hatchet. Then, the campers go into the first part of their first challenge: jumping off a 1,000 ft. tall cliff into shark-infested waters in the hopes of making it into the safe zone.
22"Not So Happy Campers – Part 2"Jennifer PertschJuly 8, 2007 (2007-07-08)June 12, 2008102

In the second part of this two part episode the two teams face off in their very first challenge: jumping off a thousand foot cliff into a small safe zone surrounded by shark-infested waters, then building a hot tub out of wood. Katie and Izzy swap teams. One team bonds rather quickly while the other struggles to cooperate. In the end, Courtney on the losing team finds herself on the chopping block, but her teammate Ezekiel's sexist remarks caused him to be the first camper voted off instead.

Elimination: Ezekiel
33"The Big Sleep"Nicole DemerseJuly 15, 2007 (2007-07-15)June 19, 2008103

The two teams compete in a twenty kilometre race and a buffet-eating contest, only to discover that their real challenge is an "Awake-A-Thon" to test who can stay awake the longest. Gwen and Trent start to bond while Heather forms the first alliance. Ultimately, Eva is sabotaged by an opposing team member and becomes the second camper voted off by her team.

Elimination: Eva
44"Dodgebrawl"Alex NussbaumJuly 22, 2007 (2007-07-22)June 26, 2008104

The two teams participate in a five round game of dodgeball. One team dominates the other team thanks to Owen and Cody displaying surprising skill - that is, until Duncan is forced to take charge of the opposing team, which turns the tides of the game. Ultimately, it is Harold who determines the final outcome for his team. Noah is eliminated for not helping and throwing nothing but sarcasm at his team.

Elimination: Noah
55"Not Quite Famous"Jennifer CowanJuly 29, 2007 (2007-07-29)July 3, 2008105

The two teams participate in a talent show and the rivalry between Gwen and Heather grows rapidly after a shocking event. After Justin and Trent perform for one team and two disasters from the other, all seems lost for Harold, who unexpectedly pulls out some amazing beatbox skills, and gives his team the win. Heather tricks some of her other teammates into voting off Justin.

Elimination: Justin
66"The Sucky Outdoors"Jennifer PertschAugust 5, 2007 (2007-08-05)July 10, 2008106

The two teams must spend an entire night alone in the woods. While Katie and Sadie are lost in the woods and start a fight that jeopardizes their friendship, Izzy pulls a prank on her team. Among all these events, an unfortunate rainstorm begins, leaving both teams without any shelter. Katie is voted off the island, leaving Sadie upset.

Elimination: Katie
77"Phobia Factor"Shelley ScarrowAugust 12, 2007 (2007-08-12)July 17, 2008107

A discussion of fears evolves into a fear-facing challenge, thanks to some eavesdroppers. Most of the campers conquer their fears, but a few others don't fare as well. Tyler is voted off for being too afraid to face his fear of chickens.

Elimination: Tyler
88"Up the Creek"Alex NussbaumAugust 19, 2007 (2007-08-19)July 24, 2008108

The two teams take their canoes to a nearby island and build rescue fires. Trent and Gwen become closer due to the intervening of Cody, while an unlikely partnership ultimately wins for its team. At the same time, Bridgette begins to return her crush's feelings despite the sappy gift he gave her. Unaware of the consequences, Beth picks up a cursed idol which "curses" her team, while Izzy's past catches up to her, causing a sudden elimination.

Elimination: Izzy
99"Paintball Deer Hunter"Shelley ScarrowAugust 26, 2007 (2007-08-26)July 31, 2008109

The two teams compete in a paintball competition, with members of each team divided into "hunters" and "deer". Beth of an alliance stands up against the Queen Bee leader Heather, which causes her team to lose. Additionally, Cody is voted off after being viciously mauled by a bear.

Elimination: Cody
1010"If You Can't Take the Heat..."Alex GanetakosSeptember 2, 2007 (2007-09-02)August 7, 2008110

The two teams compete in a cooking challenge. Harold's passive attitude towards hygiene prompts three campers to teach him a lesson. Meanwhile, on the other team, Leshawna and Heather's conflict reaches a boiling point when the latter calls the leadership role for the challenge. The Screaming Gophers end up locking Heather in the fridge. Their carelessness in the challenge causes them to lose to the more well-organized team. In the end, Beth is voted off the island for cursing her team. Harold wakes up naked in front of the girls at camp, where he finally learns his lesson about being considerate towards his roommates.

Elimination: Beth
1111"Who Can You Trust?"Alex NussbaumSeptember 9, 2007 (2007-09-09)August 14, 2008111

The two teams are put to the ultimate tests in trust, pitting together mortal enemies and potential relationships. DJ relies on Geoff to take care of his pet, but Geoff fails to complete his duties. But, thanks to an unexpected favour from Duncan, the pet is fine - as far as they know. The losing team eliminates Sadie after a convincing argument from Courtney. After Sadie's elimination she angrily calls her team "marshmallow eating freaks" and cries, although she is soon reunited with Katie.

Elimination: Sadie
1212"Basic Straining"Jennifer PertschSeptember 16, 2007 (2007-09-16)August 21, 2008112

Chef forces the teams to go through several difficult obstacles designed to push the campers to their limits. Duncan goes too far and ends up being sent to the boathouse by starting a conflict with the "Master Chief". There, he hooks up with Courtney, who is not quite his opposite as previously thought. Harold got the most votes, but he rigged the votes, eliminating Courtney to get his revenge on Duncan.

Elimination: Courtney
1313"X-Treme Torture"Erika StrobelSeptember 23, 2007 (2007-09-23)August 28, 2008113

Chris has the contestants paired off for the next immunity challenge, a series of Extreme Sports challenges. Gwen and Bridgette begin a dispute when they find a sign of affection that Harold left for Leshawna. Harold sees Heather and gets an eyeful. Because of it, he is voted off the island, but not before reconciling and kissing with Leshawna.

Elimination: Harold
1414"Brunch of Disgustingness"Alex NussbaumSeptember 30, 2007 (2007-09-30)September 4, 2008114
The two teams are divided up with the guys on one team and the girls on the other, and a conflict between two of the girls forces another to choose sides. The campers have to eat many varieties of disgusting food in order to win an awesome prize. Ultimately, it is the eating habits of one side and a bottomless pit on the other that determined who is victorious.
1515"No Pain, No Game"Erika StrobelOctober 7, 2007 (2007-10-07)September 11, 2008115

The two teams are officially dissolved and Izzy and Eva both return to the game. Eva holds a strong grudge against Bridgette, making survival in the game difficult for the latter. The remaining campers are now forced to fend for themselves unless they have an alliance. The campers then face an excruciating torture challenge with individual immunity at stake for the first time. Leshawna wins the challenge, immunity, and an awesome prize, while Eva is voted off again for her temper and it is revealed that Eva's return to the game is a way to get revenge on the remaining 11 campers for her first elimination.

Elimination: Eva (2nd time)
1616"Search & Do Not Destroy"Alex NussbaumOctober 14, 2007 (2007-10-14)September 18, 2008116

The remaining campers are off on a scavenger hunt for keys, and Heather kisses Trent in front of Gwen, destroying their relationship. Because of this, Leshawna tells everybody to vote either Heather or Trent off. After Heather gains immunity, Trent is voted off, but not before reconciling with Gwen.

Elimination: Trent
1717"Hide & Be Sneaky"Tom McGillisOctober 21, 2007 (2007-10-21)September 25, 2008117

The campers play an extreme game of Hide and Seek with Chef, who hunts them down one by one with a huge water gun. Some campers start an alliance as the other campers are slowly hunted down. Due to Leshawna hiding underwater and Heather helping Chef find Owen and DJ, the two won invincibility; and Bridgette is eliminated by the others. (Geoff said he didn't, but it was probably a lie)

Elimination: Bridgette
1818"That's Off the Chain!"Erika StrobelOctober 28, 2007 (2007-10-28)October 2, 2008118

As the campers build their own bikes using supplies from a pile of old bike parts and then race them in a dangerous motor cross, Izzy takes Leshawna who has never learned how to build or ride a bike on a joy ride. In the end, Heather betrays Lindsay, leading to an explosive elimination.

Elimination: Lindsay
1919"Hook, Line & Screamer"Erika StrobelNovember 4, 2007 (2007-11-04)October 9, 2008119

The campers go through a challenge where they are forced to survive a real horror movie. A "psycho killer" is picking them off one by one with the exception of Duncan and Gwen. However, the challenge takes a frightening twist when Gwen encounters a real killer. In the end, DJ leaves the island for fearing Heather who wasn't the killer.

Elimination: DJ
2020"Wawanakwa Gone Wild!"Shelley ScarrowNovember 11, 2007 (2007-11-11)October 16, 2008120

The campers square off in a challenge where they must trap a certain animal. Gwen gets a delicious meal as a reward for catching their animal first, while Duncan and Heather form a temporary alliance. Chef and Heather get tranquilized by Izzy while Owen ends up having very bad luck. This all leads up to Izzy getting voted off once again.

Elimination: Izzy (2nd time)
2121"Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon"Shelley ScarrowNovember 18, 2007 (2007-11-18)October 23, 2008121

The final six campers are split into three pairs and must compete in various challenges using teamwork. Some groups have trouble working together, while another become friends with each other. Once the triathlon is finished and none of the teams win, it is revealed that nobody is safe. In the end, it turns out to be Geoff who is voted off the island.

Elimination: Geoff
2222"Haute Camp-Ture"
"After the Dock of Shame"
Alex NussbaumNovember 25, 2007 (2007-11-25)October 30, 2008122

Chris visits the luxurious Playa Des Losers and catches up with the previously eliminated contestants. After learning their thoughts on the final five, he reveals a shocking twist in which the eliminated contestants will vote off the next camper. Thanks to Sadie and Katie, Leshawna is accidentally eliminated.

Elimination: Leshawna
2323"Camp Castaways"Erika StrobelDecember 2, 2007 (2007-12-02)November 6, 2008123
After a huge flood, the campers float away to a "deserted island" and try to fend for themselves while dealing with the dangers there, as well as enduring each other. Meanwhile, the hosts are having a day of relaxation on the same island. While the final four are separated at first, they eventually wind up back together again and, after Owen's mental breakdown, his new "friend", Mr. Coconut, is "eliminated" by Chris.
2424"Are We There, Yeti?"Alex NussbaumDecember 9, 2007 (2007-12-09)November 13, 2008124

The campers wake up in the middle of the wilderness. The challenge is to race back to camp and tag a totem pole. The boys are on one team while the girls are on the other. Since Chris is off for the day, Chef takes over as host. In the end, Owen's eating habits distract him and allow the girls to win the challenge, resulting in Duncan's elimination.

Elimination: Duncan

Note: During the beginning of the episode, Chef is seen splitting Mr. Coconut in half with a knife.
2525"I Triple Dog Dare You!"Erika StrobelDecember 16, 2007 (2007-12-16)November 20, 2008125

The final three campers must participate in a series of dares invented by the eliminated campers, with the first camper to refuse a dare being automatically eliminated. Gwen and Owen form an alliance to take down Heather. Eventually, Heather fails a dare on a technicality and loses all of her hair and the competition, allowing Owen and Gwen to move on to the final challenge...

Elimination: Heather
2626"The Very Last Episode, Really!"Jennifer PertschJanuary 4, 2008 (2008-01-04)December 11, 2008126

Gwen and Owen participate in one last challenge for the grand prize, with all of the previously eliminated campers returning to watch. After a race filled with sabotage, heartbreak, and brownies, Owen wins the grand prize and Gwen goes home with a "consolation prize". In the alternative version, Gwen wins.

Runner-Up: Gwen

Winner: Owen[a]
2727"Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island"Jennifer Pertsch and Tom McGillisNovember 29, 2008 (2008-11-29)December 18, 2008127
Chris has one final challenge for all of the contestants, forcing them to form their own respective teams, and participate in an all-out, no-rules hunt for one million dollars! However, after a series of unpredictable and out-of-control events, the money is eaten by a shark and there is only one way to settle this tie.

Source for list:[6]

Episode finale variations edit

For every season, the show's producers create two alternate endings for the final episode, such that the winner seen in one country's broadcasts is the runner-up in other countries (and vice versa) where the show airs. Owen is the original winner in Canada, but he is also shown as the winner in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Denmark, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latin America (Cartoon Network), the Middle East, the Netherlands, New Zealand, the Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Spain, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, and the United States.[citation needed] Gwen is the original runner-up in Canada, but she is also the winner in Finland, Japan, Latin America (Boomerang and TBS), Norway, Poland, Romania and Sweden.

Characters edit

The primary cast of Total Drama Island.

Top: DJ, Duncan, Tyler, Harold, Geoff, and Heather
Standing: Lindsay, Leshawna, Eva, Justin, Owen, Noah, Trent, Gwen, and Cody
Sitting: Izzy, Bridgette, Courtney, Katie, Sadie, Ezekiel, and Beth

Staff edit

Character Voice actor Description
Chris McLean Christian Potenza Chris is the host of the series.
Chef Hatchet Clé Bennett Hatchet is the cook and Chris's assistant for challenges

Contestants edit

There are 22 original contestants who competed in Total Drama Island. They are Beth, Bridgette, Cody, Courtney (the leader of the Killer Bass before "X-Treme Torture"), DJ, Duncan (the leader of the Killer Bass since "X-Treme Torture"), Eva, Ezekiel, Geoff, Gwen, Harold, Heather (the leader of the Screaming Gophers), Izzy, Justin, Katie, Leshawna, Lindsay, Noah, Owen, Sadie, Trent, and Tyler. Many of the characters return in later seasons either as contestants or as guests.

List of Total Drama Island contestants
Contestant Label Voice actor Team Finish
Original Swapped Battle of the sexes Merged Placement Episode
Ezekiel The Home-Schooled Guy Peter Oldring Killer Bass Killer Bass 1st eliminated 2
(Returned to game)
2nd eliminated 3
Noah The Schemer Carter Hayden Screaming Gophers Screaming Gophers 3rd eliminated 4
Justin The Eye Candy Adam Reid 4th eliminated 5
Katie The Sweet Girl Stephanie Anne Mills Killer Bass 5th eliminated 6
Tyler The Jock Peter Oldring Killer Bass 6th eliminated 7
(Returned to game)
Screaming Gophers 7th eliminated
Cody The Geek Peter Oldring Screaming Gophers 8th eliminated 9
Beth The Wannabe Sarah Gadon[b] 9th eliminated 10
Sadie The Sweet Girl's Friend Lauren Lipson Killer Bass Killer Bass 10th eliminated 11
Courtney The Type-A Emilie-Claire Barlow 11th eliminated 12
Harold The Dweeb Brian Froud 12th eliminated 13
Eva The Female Bully Julia Chantrey None 13th eliminated 15
Trent The Cool Guy Scott McCord Screaming Gophers Screaming Gophers Guys 14th eliminated 16
Bridgette The Surfer Girl Kristin Fairlie Killer Bass Killer Bass Girls 15th eliminated 17
Lindsay The Dumb Princess Stephanie Anne Mills Screaming Gophers Screaming Gophers 16th eliminated 18
DJ The Brickhouse with a Heart Clé Bennett Killer Bass Killer Bass Guys 17th eliminated 19
Izzy The Psycho Hose Beast Katie Crown Screaming Gophers 18th eliminated 20
Geoff The Party Guy Dan Petronijevic Killer Bass Guys 19th eliminated 21
Leshawna The Sister with 'Tude Novie Edwards Screaming Gophers Screaming Gophers Girls 20th eliminated 22
Duncan The Delinquent Drew Nelson Killer Bass Killer Bass Guys 21st eliminated 24
Heather The Queen Bee Rachel Wilson Screaming Gophers Screaming Gophers Girls 22nd eliminated 25
Gwen The Goth Loner Megan Fahlenbock Runner-up 26
Owen The Funniest Guy Around Scott McCord Guys Winner[c]

Season summary edit

Total Drama Island season summary
Episode Original airdate Challenge winner(s) Eliminated
No. Title Written by Canada United States Team Contestant
1 "Not So Happy Campers—Part 1" Jennifer Pertsch July 8, 2007 June 5, 2008 None
2 "Not So Happy Campers—Part 2" June 12, 2008 Screaming Gophers Killer Bass Ezekiel
3 "The Big Sleep" Nicole Demerse July 15, 2007 June 19, 2008 Screaming Gophers Killer Bass Eva
4 "Dodgebrawl" Alex Nussbaum July 22, 2007 June 26, 2008 Killer Bass Screaming Gophers Noah
5 "Not Quite Famous" Jennifer Cowan July 29, 2007 July 3, 2008 Killer Bass Screaming Gophers Justin
6 "The Sucky Outdoors" Jennifer Pertsch Aug. 5, 2007 July 10, 2008 Screaming Gophers Killer Bass Katie
7 "Phobia Factor" Shelley Scarrow Aug. 12, 2007 July 17, 2008 Screaming Gophers Killer Bass Tyler
8 "Up the Creek" Alex Nussbaum Aug. 17, 2007 July 24, 2008 Killer Bass Screaming Gophers Izzy
9 "Paintball Deer Hunter" Shelley Scarrow Aug. 26, 2007 Jul. 31, 2008 Killer Bass Screaming Gophers Cody
10 "If You Can't Take the Heat..." Alex Ganetakos Sept. 2, 2007 Aug. 7, 2008 Killer Bass Screaming Gophers Beth
11 "Who Can You Trust?" Alex Nussbaum Sept. 9, 2007 Aug. 14, 2008 Screaming Gophers Killer Bass Sadie
12 "Basic Straining" Jennifer Pertsch Sept. 16, 2007 Aug. 21, 2008 Screaming Gophers Killer Bass Courtney
13 "X-Treme Torture" Erika Strobel Sept. 23, 2007 Aug. 28, 2008 Screaming Gophers Killer Bass Harold
14 "Brunch of Disgustingness" Alex Nussbaum Sept. 30, 2007 Sept. 4, 2008 DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Owen, & Trent
(Guys' Team)
Bridgette, Gwen, Heather, Leshawna, & Lindsay
(Girls' Team)
15 "No Pain, No Game" Erika Strobel Oct. 7, 2007 Sept. 11, 2008 Leshawna None Eva
16 "Search and Do Not Destroy" Alex Nussbaum Oct. 14, 2007 Sept. 18, 2008 Heather Trent
17 "Hide and Be Sneaky" Tom McGillis Oct. 21, 2007 Sept. 25, 2008 Heather & Leshawna Bridgette
18 "That's Off the Chain!" Erika Strobel Oct. 28, 2007 Oct. 2, 2008 Heather Lindsay
19 "Hook, Line, and Screamer" Nov. 4, 2007 Oct. 9, 2008 Gwen DJ
20 "Wawanakwa Gone Wild!" Shelley Scarrow Nov. 11, 2007 Oct. 16, 2008 Gwen Izzy
21 "Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon" Nov. 18, 2007 Oct. 23, 2008 Tie Geoff
22 "Haute Camp-ture" Alex Nussbaum Nov. 25, 2007 Oct. 30, 2008 None Leshawna
23 "Camp Castaways" Erika Strobel Dec. 2, 2007 Nov. 6, 2008 None
24 "Are We There Yeti?" Alex Nussbaum Dec. 9, 2007 Nov. 13, 2008 Gwen & Heather None Duncan
25 "I Triple Dog Dare You!" Erika Strobel Dec. 16, 2007 Nov. 20, 2008 Gwen & Owen Heather
N/A "Total Drama Island Recap" (CA)
"TDI Rundown" (US)
Matt McElhannon
Jan. 4, 2008 Dec. 4, 2008 Recap
26 "The Very Last Episode, Really!" Jennifer Pertsch Dec. 11, 2008 Owen[d] None Gwen
27 "Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island" Jennifer Pertsch & Tom McGillis Nov. 29, 2008 Dec. 18, 2008 Special

Elimination table edit

Contestant Episode
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14[e] 15[f] 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27[g]
Owen In Win Win In In Win Win In In In Win Win Win Win In In Low In In In In In Low Low Win 1st[h]  
Gwen In Win Win In In Win Win In In In Win Win Win In In In In In Win Win Low Low In In Win Win 2nd  
Heather In Win Win In Low Win Win In Low Low Win Win Win In Low Win Win Win In In In In In Win Out  
Duncan In In In Win Win In In Win Win Win In In Low Win In In Low In In In In In In Out  
Leshawna In Win Win In In Win Win In In In Win Win Win In Win In Win In In In In Out  
Geoff In In In Win Win In In Win Win Win In In In Win In In In In In In Out  
Izzy In Win Win In In Win Win Left[i] In In In In In Out  
DJ In In In Win Win In In Win Win Win In In In Win In In In In Out  
Lindsay In Win Win Low In Win Win Low In In Win Win Win In In In In Out  
Bridgette In In In Win Win In Low Win Win Win In In In In In In Out  
Trent In Win Win In In Win Win In In In Win Win Win Win In Out  
Eva In In Out Out  
Harold In In Low Win Win In In Win Win Win Low Low Out  
Courtney In Low In Win Win In Low Win Win Win In Out  
Sadie In In In Win Win Low In Win Win Win Out  
Beth In Win Win In In Win Win In In Out  
Cody In Win Win In In Win Win In Out  
Tyler In In In Win Win In Out  
Katie In In In Win Win Out  
Justin In Win Win In Out  
Noah In Win Win Out  
Ezekiel In Out  

Production edit

On February 15, 2006, it was announced that Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch were working on a project called Camp TV.[7] According to Tom McGillis, Fresh TV was approached by Teletoon to create the show.[8] On March 27, 2006, the project was renamed Total Drama Island, and it was announced that the project would start production in June.[9]

Tom McGillis and Jennifer Pertsch studied what tweens liked and disliked about reality television shows in the writing process.[8][10] McGillis said that they used a "countrywide online research project" to determine what 9-to-14 year olds were watching.[8][11] It was found that Canadian tweens enjoyed watching Fear Factor, Survivor, The Amazing Race, American Idol, and Canadian Idol.[8]

The season was animated at Elliott Animation and was directed by Todd Kauffman and Mark Thornton.[12] Fresh TV partners McGillis, Pertsch, Elliott and Irving produced the series.[13] The budget for the series was US$8,000,000.[14] It was animated in Flash,[12] at Elliott Animation's studio in Toronto.[13] Every cast and crew member on Total Drama Island had to sign a confidentiality agreement not to disclose who the winner was.[15] All the characters were designed by Kauffman.[16] Voice actors from the series 6teen have lent their voices for Total Drama Island. Christian Potenza, who played the character Jude on 6teen, played the role of host Chris McLean. Potenza said that the best part of the job was that his character could not be voted off the show.[17] Emilie-Claire Barlow plays a recurring role as Chrissy on 6teen and plays Courtney on Total Drama Island. Barlow stated that Courtney was her favourite character that she had ever played.[18] Other voice actors from 6teen include Julia Chantrey as Eva; Drew Nelson (Kai) as Duncan; Megan Fahlenbock (Jen) as Gwen; Adam Reid (Wayne) as Justin; Stephanie Anne Mills (Kirsten) as Lindsay and Katie; Rachel Wilson (Melinda Wilson) as Heather; and Scott McCord (Stone) as Owen and Trent.

Reception edit

Ratings edit

Carole Bonneau, the Vice President of Teletoon stated that Total Drama Island, along with 6teen were "consistently top performers" for audiences of ages 6–11, and also helped to bring in older viewers as well.[19] When Total Drama Island aired on Cartoon Network, it performed very well; The Toronto Star reported that, "in some age groups [Total Drama Island showed] a 500% ratings increase in [its] time slot."[11] On December 11, 2008, Total Drama Island garnered 3.5 million viewers.[20] That year, the series was the top "regularly scheduled Thursday night program at 9 p.m. on all television throughout third quarter among kids 2-11, 6-11 and 9-14," according to the Animation World Network.[21] On Memorial Day weekend of 2009, a marathon of Total Drama Island increased viewership in age groups 2–11, 6–11, and 9–14, each by 20% or more compared to the same week in 2008.[22] As of 2011, Total Drama Island has aired in over 188 countries.[23]

Critical reception edit

Total Drama Island has received generally positive reviews. The series was nominated for a Gemini Award for "Best Animated Program or Series", shared by Tom McGillis, Jennifer Pertsch, George Elliott and Brian Irving.[24] Common Sense Media gave the show 4 out of 5 stars, deeming it an "enjoyable, smart show" and finding that it appealed to all demographics.[25] Matthew Price of The Oklahoman gave a mixed review of the series, stating that it "starts unbelievably slowly", but deeming that the later episodes effectively spoofed reality shows.[26] Debi Enker of The Age gave a negative review of the season's last episode, calling the art, design and writing "lamentable."[27]

Public reaction edit

Total Drama Island received a score of 8.1 on Metacritic from users, indicating "generally favourable reviews".[28]

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A DVD was released by Warner Home Video on August 18, 2009, in the United States. It contains all of the 27 episodes (including TDI Rundown) of season one of this series in a 4 disc set, for a total of 594 minutes long. In addition, its bonus features (entitled as X-tras) are the audition tapes of twenty two campers, played after each of their respective eliminations, as well as Izzy's second audition tape and her exclusive interview with Chris (the latter of which is shown after Eva's second elimination). In Australia, Total Drama Island is on Region 4 DVD as separate volumes. This series of discs contains the widescreen version with uncut scenes and original dialogue, as seen on Teletoon and ABC3. In reviewing the DVD for season, Matthew Price of The Oklahoman wrote that while the show started out "unbelievably slowly," the series became more interesting as campers began getting voted off. Price also praised the parody of reality shows.[29] In another review of the DVD, Jeffrey Kauffman of DVD Talk wrote that the character development was compelling and that the parody of reality shows were very funny.[30] Mac McEntire of DVD Verdict praised the character development as well, but noted that the show sometimes sinks to "lowbrow gross-outs".[31] Both Kauffman and McEntire recommended the series DVD.

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Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive! was an online game in Canada and the US marketed in conjunction with the television series. It was produced by Xenophile Media. By registering a free account, the player could play games using a customizable avatar to earn points for marshmallows. Marshmallows are used as money in the game so the player can buy in-game items. The player who earned the most points had their avatar make a cameo appearance in the season finale.[8][32] The games were based on the challenges in the show.[8][33] Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive! was nominated for an Interactive Emmy Award in 2007.[32] However, the website is no longer available, as it was replaced by Total Drama Online and the Teletoon and Cartoon Network official sites.[34]

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  1. ^ Owen was confirmed to be the canon winner by both Chris and Priya in episode 20 of Part 2 of the reboot of Total Drama Island.
  2. ^ Sarah Gadon was credited as Sarah Gaddon in the closing credits.
  3. ^ Owen was confirmed to be the canon winner by both Chris and Priya in episode 20 of Part 2 of the reboot of Total Drama Island.
  4. ^ Owen was confirmed to be the canon winner by both Chris and Priya in episode 20 of Part 2 of the reboot of Total Drama Island.
  5. ^ New teams were formed as a "Battle of the Sexes".
  6. ^ The teams were dissolved.
  7. ^ The contestants who tied in the special qualified for Season 2.
  8. ^ An ending where Gwen wins exists, but future seasons only acknowledge Owen winning.
  9. ^ The last marshmallow was supposed to be given to either Izzy or Lindsay, but Izzy left the competition.

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