Total Advance was a monthly magazine that covered Nintendo Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. It was published for 36 issues by Paragon Publishing, running from 1999 to 2002. The magazine was a slim, saddle-stitched magazine specifically designed to appeal to younger gamers. Each issue contained news, previews, reviews, tips, posters, and game guides that covered the Nintendo handheld console and its games.

Total Advance
Total Game Boy #01
EditorNick Roberts
CategoriesDefunct British computer magazines
First issue1999
Final issue
Christmas 2002
CompanyParagon Publishing
CountryUnited Kingdom


The magazine was launched as 'Total Games Guide to the Game Boy Color' in 1999. Each issues contained 52 pages and sold for 1.95, 2.95, or in later issues, 2.99 UK Pounds. The title was shortened to 'Total Game Boy Color' with issue 4, which remained until the launch of the Game Boy Advance in mid-2001, when it was rebranded Total Advance.

Sales figures for the title remained low throughout its publication, peaking at 23,000. The magazine was finally cancelled with issue 36, the Christmas 2002 edition. Game Boy Advance coverage continued in Paragon Publishing's CUBE magazine.