Tosun Paşa

Tosun Paşa is a 1976 Turkish comedy film, directed by Kartal Tibet and written by Yavuz Turgul and starring Kemal Sunal, in his trademark character role of Şaban, as a butler who poses as the governor-general of Ottoman-ruled Egypt in an attempt to settle a dispute between two noble families over a lucrative parcel of land called The Green Valley. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on February 1, 1976 (1976-02-01), is one of the most popular productions from Ertem Eğilmez's Arzu Film and is particularly remembered for its catchy musical score.

Tosun Paşa
Tosun Paşa.jpg
Directed byKartal Tibet
Produced by
Written byYavuz Turgul
CinematographyKriton İlyadis
Release date
  • 1 February 1976 (1976-02-01)


The film is set in Ottoman-ruled Egypt in the 19th century. Two noble families are fighting for a lucrative parcel of land called the Green Valley. One family, led by Lütfü (Şener Şen) after his father becomes insane after receiving a harsh blow at the head, fears that they are falling behind in the bidding after the local governor's daughter (Müjde Ar) chooses to wed someone from the rival family, so they get their butler, Şaban (Kemal Sunal), to pretend to be the general-governor Tosun Paşa and turn the tide. Şaban, acting as Tosun Paşa tries to influence the governor into giving the Green Valley to Lütfü's family and have his daughter, Leyla, marry Lütfü. However, after seeing Leyla for the first time Şaban tries to woo Leyla, and after a quarrel with Lütfü, it is agreed that Lütfü keeps the Green Valley and Şaban gets Leyla. Meanwhile, the real Tosun Paşa arrives disguised as his brother Ibrahim Paşa to find out why someone has usurped his name. When all is discovered at the wedding, there is a large and iconic fight between the rival families, guests, and locals.

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