Tosselilla Summer Park

Tosselilla Summer Park (Swedish: Tosselilla sommarland) or Tosselilla Amusement Park, previously Tomelilla Summer Park (Swedish: Tomelilla sommarland), is an amusement park outside Tomelilla, Sweden. it was opened on 26 May 1984.[1] There are 86 activities at Tosselilla. Including a Zipline, Swimming Pools, Roller coasters, water coasters, canoes and bumper cars.

Tosselilla Summer Park
Previously known as Tomelilla Summer Park
Tosselilla 1.jpg
Tosselilla Summer Park
LocationTomelilla, Skåne, Sweden
Coordinates55°33′11″N 13°54′22″E / 55.55306°N 13.90611°E / 55.55306; 13.90611Coordinates: 55°33′11″N 13°54′22″E / 55.55306°N 13.90611°E / 55.55306; 13.90611
Opened26 May 1984 (1984-05-26)
Extreme Fly, One of the rides at Tosselilla


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