Erik Torsten Lindh (born 10 August 1941) is a Swedish Navy rear admiral. He was Inspector General of the Navy from 1998 to 2001.

Torsten Lindh
Birth nameErik Torsten Lindh
Born (1941-08-10) 10 August 1941 (age 78)
Gothenburg, Sweden
Service/branchSwedish Navy
Years of service1965–2001
RankRear admiral
Commands heldHSwMS Norrtälje
HSwMS Strömstad
3rd Patrol Boat Division
3rd Naval Warfare Flotilla
Joint Staff
Inspector General of the Navy
Naval Center/Naval Tactical Command


Lindh was born in Gothenburg, Sweden, the son of managing director Arne Lindh and his wife Margareta (née Richs).[1] Before his military service at Bohuslän Regiment (I 17) in Uddevalla, Lindh studied mathematics at the university with the aim of becoming a civil engineer. He dislikes the university and sent an application to the Swedish Navy and was accepted.[2] He became an officer after graduating from the Royal Swedish Naval Academy in 1965 and then served as first officer of the torpedo boat HSwMS Astrea. Lindh was later captain of the torpedo boats HSwMS Norrtälje and HSwMS Strömstad and commanding officer of the 3rd Patrol Boat Division (3. patrullbåtsdivisionen).[2]

He attended the Swedish Armed Forces Staff College in 1975[1] and served in the Planning and Budget Secretariat at the Ministry of Defence from 1983[3] and attended the Swedish National Defence College in 1985.[1] Lindh was commanding officer of the 3rd Naval Warfare Flotilla from 1988 to 1989[4] and later on the head of the Planning Staff in the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters.[1] He served as head of the Swedish Armed Forces Internal Audit until the 1 July 1994 when he was promoted to rear admiral and appointed Director Joint Staff (Chef för ledningsstaben) in the Swedish Armed Forces Headquarters.[5] Lindh served as the Inspector General of the Navy and commander of the Naval Center/Naval Tactical Command from 1998 to 2001.[6]


Lindh retired from active service in 2001 at the age of 60 and was then chairman of the Air Defense Investigation (Luftförsvarsutredningen) for one year. He then took up a position as a teacher of mathematics at Samskolan in Saltsjöbaden.[2] Lindh was a board member of the Defence Materiel Administration and the Swedish Fortifications Agency. He is also a member of the Royal Swedish Society of Naval Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of War Sciences.[1] He has several assignments within the framework of the Vasa Museum and chairmanship of the Ymer 80 Foundation, as well as involvement in Swedeship Marine, which builds fast and powerful aluminum boats for professional use.[2]

Personal lifeEdit

In 1966 he married banker Kristina Bane (born 1943), the daughter of civil engineer Per Bane and Eivor (née Almér).[1]

Dates of rankEdit

  • 1965 – Acting sub-lieutenant (Fänrik)
  • 19?? – Sub-lieutenant (Löjtnant)
  • 19?? – Lieutenant (Kapten)
  • 1976 – Lieutenant commander (Örlogskapten)[7]
  • 1981 – Commander (Kommendörkapten)[8]
  • 19?? – Captain (Kommendör)
  • 19?? – Captain of the 1st rank (Kommendör 1:a graden)
  • 1994 – Rear admiral (Konteramiral)


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