Open main menu was an English language publication, billing itself as "the go-to destination for the discerning male." Its offices were located in downtown Toronto.

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Editor-in-chiefWilliam Morassutti
Year founded2003
Final issue2007

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In 2003, TORO magazine entered into the Canadian marketplace as a glossy men's lifestyle publication, with complimentary issues distributed inseam of The Globe and Mail. During its four-year run, TORO garnered more than 60 National Magazine Award nominations.[1] In 2007, TORO magazine suspended publication[2] – but Black Angus Media, a full-service digital media company that controlled TORO's electronic rights, was interested in continuing its run electronically.

William Morassutti, Editorial Director and Executive Director of TORO magazine, had co-founded Black Angus Media with TORO founder Chris Bratty in order to extend the brand into electronic and digital media. On 21 May 2008, Black Angus Media launched TORO as a web-only publication, As of 2018 the web version appears to have ceased, and the official site links to a karaoke bar in Hamilton, Ontario.

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