Toro may refer to:


  • Toro, Molise, a comune in the Province of Campobasso, Italy
  • Toro, Nigeria, a Local Government Area of Bauchi State, Nigeria
  • Toro, Shizuoka, an archaeological site in Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan
  • Toro, Zamora, a municipio in the Province of Zamora, Castille and León, Spain
  • Toro District, one of eleven districts of the province La Unión in Peru
  • Tooro Kingdom, a traditional kingdom in Uganda
  • Toro sub-region, a region that is coterminous with the Toro Kingdom in Western Uganda
  • Shakhtyorsk, a town in Sakhalin Oblast, Russia, known as Toro in Japanese
  • 1685 Toro, an asteroid



  • Abraham Toro (born 1996), Canadian baseball player
  • Janet Toro (born 1963), Chilean performance artist
  • Julio Toro (born 1952), Puerto Rican basketball coach
  • Manuel Murillo Toro (1816–1880), Colombian politician and statesman, twice President of the United States of Colombia
  • Ray Toro (born 1977), lead guitarist for the band My Chemical Romance
  • Benicio del Toro (born 1967), Puerto Rican-American actor
  • Guillermo del Toro (born 1964), Mexican film director
  • Alfredo Toro Hardy (born 1950), Venezuelan diplomat and author
  • Toró (born 1986), nickname of Brazilian footballer Rafael Ferreira Francisco
  • Toro people, an ethnic group in western Uganda, native to Toro Kingdom


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