Toqtamış Giray

Toqtamış Giray (1589–1608, reigned 1607–1608) was briefly khan of the Crimean Khanate. He followed his father Gazi II Giray, was rejected by the Turks and killed by his successor Selâmet I Giray.

Toqtamış Giray
Khan of the Tatar Crimean Khanate
PredecessorĞazı II Giray
SuccessorSelâmet I Giray
DynastyGiray dynasty

In 1602, when Gazi left on his third Hungarian campaign, he appointed his 13-year-old son Tokhtamysh as kalga and left him in nominal charge of Crimea. After he returned to Crimea in 1603 he sent Tokhtamysh with some troops back to Hungary.

Gazi died in 1607. By custom, when a khan died power passed to his eldest surviving brother and then to his son. The clan leaders declaired the new khan and then requested confirmation from the Ottoman sultan, who sometimes made another choice. Gazi’s only living brother was the 50-year-old Selyamet who was imprisoned in Turkey. Gazi had made Tokhtamysh his kalga or designated successor. Further, sultan Murad III (1574–1595) had promised that the khanship would go to his son, as was the Ottoman custom. The elders chose the 19-year-old Tokhtamysh and sent to Istanbul for confirmation. Sultan Ahmed I hesitated. His father Mehmed III (1595–1605) had found Gazi to be a good warrior, but hard to control and thought that his son might also be disobedient. His advisors suggested Selyamet as an alternative. In April 1608 Selyamet was taken from prison and declared khan. Mehmed, son of Saadet II Giray would be his kalga.

When Tokhtamysh heard of his disposition he set out overland to talk to the sultan. While crossing the Southern Bug he met Mehmed and a group of janissaries who were going overland to Crimea. His outnumbered retinue fled and Tokhtamysh died fighting along with his brother kalga Sefer Giray. Meanwhile Selyamet arrived by ship in Crimea, was recognized by the beys and went to Bakhchisarai. Mehmed soon arrived with news of Tokhtamysh’s death.


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Preceded by
Ğazı II Giray
Khan of Crimea
Succeeded by
Selâmet I Giray