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Outline of cryptography

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Essence of cryptographyEdit

Uses of cryptographic techniquesEdit

Branches of cryptographyEdit

History of cryptographyEdit





Modern symmetric-key algorithmsEdit

Stream ciphersEdit

Block ciphersEdit

Modern asymmetric-key algorithmsEdit

Asymmetric key algorithmEdit


Cryptographic hash functionsEdit


Robustness propertiesEdit

Undeciphered historical codes and ciphersEdit

Organizations and selection projectsEdit

Cryptography standardsEdit

General cryptographicEdit

Open effortsEdit

  • Data Encryption Standard (DES) – NBS selection process, ended 1976
  • RIPE – division of the RACE project sponsored by the European Union, ended mid-1980s
  • Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) – a "break-off" competition sponsored by NIST, ended in 2001
  • NESSIE Project – an evaluation/selection program sponsored by the European Union, ended in 2002
  • eSTREAM– program funded by ECRYPT; motivated by the failure of all of the stream ciphers submitted to NESSIE, ended in 2008
  • CRYPTREC – evaluation/recommendation program sponsored by the Japanese government; draft recommendations published 2003
  • CrypTool – an e-learning freeware programme in English and German— exhaustive educational tool about cryptography and cryptanalysis

Influential cryptographersEdit

Legal issuesEdit

Academic and professional publicationsEdit

Allied sciencesEdit

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