Top Gear Korea (Korean탑 기어 코리아) is the South Korean adaptation of BBC's popular Top Gear show. Officially announced on 21 June 2011, the show follows a similar format with the British version and season 1 included 3 presenters: singer and professional driver Kim Jin-pyo (김진표), actor Yeon Jung-hoon (연정훈), and actor Kim Kap-soo (김갑수).[1] It premiered on cable channel XTM on 20 August 2011.

Top Gear Korea
Top Gear Korea title card
Directed bySeo Seung-han
Presented byKim Jin-pyo (2011–)
Yeon Jung-hoon (2011–2012)
Kim Kap-soo (2011)
Jo Min-ki (2012)
Park Jun-gyu (2012)
Ryu Si-won (2013)
Danny Ahn (2013–2014)
Alex Chu (2013-2014)
Yoo Kyung-wook (2014-2015)
Ahn Jung-hwan (2016–)
Hong Jong-hyun (2016–)
Park Young-woong (2016–)
"The Stig" (Bil Li-ship)
Opening theme"Jessica"
Ending theme"Jessica"
Composer(s)Dickey Betts
Country of originRepublic of Korea
United Kingdom
Original language(s)Korean language
No. of series7
No. of episodes71
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)CJ E&M
Original networkXTM, TVN
Picture format(HDTV) 1080i
Original release20 August 2011 (2011-08-20) –
Related showsTop Gear (2002 TV series)
Top Gear (USA)
Top Gear Australia
Top Gear Russia
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The show uses a circuit in Ansan city, which is not used for racing but just for tests and social events, as the main test facility and the Power Lap Time. It was built for a Champ Car event that was cancelled less than three weeks before it was to have been held. Korea International Circuit, the venue of the Korean Grand Prix and Taebaek Racing Park are used for some episodes.


The first season aired from 20 August – 30 December 2011.[2] Met with both positive and negative reviews, the show had a peak viewership rating of 1.28%, considered to be quite good for Korean cable.[3]

Presenters and The Stig of Top Gear Korea Season 2.

The second season aired from 8 April 2012 to 17 June 2012. Kim Kap-soo was replaced by actor Jo Min-ki (조민기).[4][5]

The third season (titled Top Gear Korea New Season) aired from 7 October – 16 December 2012. Jo Min-ki was replaced by actor Park Jun-gyu (박준규). In one of the episodes, presenter Kim Jin-pyo drove a Chevrolet Spark through a 360-degree vertical loop.[6]

A serious incident occurred during filming of the fourth season, in which a helicopter crashed into the Arizona desert. As part of a racing sequence between a Chevrolet Corvette C6 ZR1 and a Bell AH-1 Cobra helicopter, the car and the helicopter would race alongside each other to the finish line. During a practice run, as they reached the finish line, the aircraft wheeled around 180° before impacting the ground. Nobody was seriously injured.[7][8] The BBC posted the video online, both in its unaltered state and open-captioned in English, the show is part of their franchise and is co-produced by the company.


Guests are featured each week in the Star Lap Time segment, akin to Star in a Reasonably Priced Car. The car driven in this segment is the Volkswagen Golf.

Season OneEdit

Celebrities Notes
Kim Su-ro Kim Su-ro's timing was 2:07.06. He was the first celebrity to be featured in this segment.
Kim Ok-bin Kim Ok-bin's timing was 2:00.56.
2AM’s Jo Kwon and Seulong Jo Kwon's timing was 2:08.36, while Seulong's timing was 2:04.56.
H.O.T's Tony An and Moon Hee-jun Tony's timing was 2:01.16, while Moon Hee-jun's timing was 1:58.93.
Ahn Jae-mo Ahn Jae-mo's timing was 1:57.00.
Lee Won-jong Lee Won-jong's timing was 2:01.96.
Boom Boom's timing was 1:59.83.
Kim Min-joon
Lee Se-chang Lee Se-chang's timing was 1:57.83.
Haha Haha's timing was 2:00.53.
Huh Gak Huh Gak's timing was 2:01.16.

Season TwoEdit

Episode Celebrities Notes
Episode 1 Lee Sung-jae Lee Sung-jae's timing was 2:02.15.
Episode 2 Song Seon-mi
Episode 3 Koyote's Shinji and Bbaeka Bbaeka's timing was 2:03.02.
Episode 4 Ryu Soo-young
Episode 5 g.o.d's Danny Ahn Danny's timing was 1.58.07.
Episode 6 4Minute's Kim Hyun-a and Heo Ga-yoon Ga-yoon's timing of 2:00.15 makes her the fastest female celebrity on the show for Seasons 1 - 3.
Episode 7 g.o.d's Son Ho-young Son Ho-young's timing was 1:57.06.
Episode 8 Lee Chun-hee Lee Chun-hee's timing was 1:59.05.
Episode 9 Park Jun-gyu Park Jun-gyu's timing was 1:59.11.
Episode 10 SISTAR's Bora Bora's fellow group member Dasom appeared on the show but did not drive.[9]

Season ThreeEdit

Episode Celebrities Notes
Episode 1 Yoo Seung-ho Yoo Seung-ho's timing of 1:58.20 made him the fastest driver of season 3.
Episode 2 Choi Yeo-jin Choi Yeo-jin's timing was 2:01.24.
Episode 3 Kim Hee-won
Episode 4 Park Eun-ji Park Eun-ji's timing was 2:13.13.
Episode 6 Kim Jung-tae Kim Jung-tae's timing was 2:01.28.
Episode 7 Kim So-eun Kim So-eun's timing of 2:01.19 made her the 3rd fastest female participant, after Heo Ga-yoon and Kim Ok-bin.
Episode 9 Jung Jun-ha

Season FourEdit

Episode Celebrities Notes
Episode 1 Kim Min-jong Kim Min-jong's timing was 2:01.22.
Episode 2 Park Shin-hye Park Shin-hye's timing was 2:00.14.
Episode 5 Lee Jung Lee Jung's timing was 1:55.25.


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