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Toomas Kivisild, (born on 11 August 1969 in Tapa, Estonia) is an Estonian geneticist. He graduated with Ph.D. from University of Tartu in 2000 and is currently University Reader in Human Evolutionary Genetics at Cambridge University,[1][2] Division of Biological Anthropology,[3] as well as a senior researcher at the Estonian Biocentre.[4][5] His research focuses mainly on the evolution of the human species as seen through population genetics.[1] He coauthored the second edition of the textbook Human Evolutionary Genetics (2013).[6][7]

Selected publicationsEdit

  • 1999a. "Deep common ancestry of Indian and western-Eurasian mitochondrial DNA lineages" [1]
  • 1999b. "The Place of the Indian mtDNA Variants in the Global Network of Maternal Lineages and the Peopling of the Old World" [2]
  • 2000a. "An Indian Ancestry: a Key for Understanding Human Diversity in Europe and Beyond" [3]
  • 2000b. "The origins of southern and western Eurasian populations: an mtDNA study" [4]
  • 2003a. "The Genetics of Language and Farming Spread in India" [5]
  • 2003b. "The Genetic Heritage of the Earliest Settlers Persists Both in Indian Tribal and Caste Populations" [6], [7]
  • The emerging limbs and twigs of the East Asian mtDNA tree. [8][permanent dead link] [9]
  • Ethiopian mtDNA heritage. doi:10.1086/425161 PMID 15457403
  • Mait, Metspalu; Kivisild, Toomas; et al. (2004). "Most of the extant mtDNA boundaries in South and Southwest Asia were likely shaped during the initial settlement of Eurasia by anatomically modern humans". BMC Genetics. 5: 26. doi:10.1186/1471-2156-5-26. PMC 516768. PMID 15339343. [10]
  • 2005a. Different population histories of the Mundari- and Mon-Khmer-speaking Austro-Asiatic tribes inferred from the mtDNA 9-bp deletion/insertion polymorphism in Indian populations [11]
  • 2005b. Reconstructing the Origin of Andaman Islanders [12]
  • 2005c. Tracing Modern Human Origins [13]
  • 2006a. Response to Comment on‘‘Reconstructing the Origin of Andaman Islanders’’ [14]
  • 2006b. Sahoo, S.; Kivisild, T; et al. (2006). "A prehistory of Indian Y chromosomes: Evaluating demic diffusion scenarios". Cite journal requires |journal= (help)
  • 2006c. The role of selection in the evolution of human mitochondrial genomes. [15]
  • 2007. Peopling of South Asia: investigating the caste-tribe continuum in India [16][dead link]
  • 2007. Revealing the prehistoric settlement of Australia by Y chromosome and mtDNA analysis


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