Tongluo railway station

Tongluo (Chinese: 銅鑼車站; pinyin: Tóngluó Chēzhàn) is a railway station on the Taiwan Railways Administration Taichung line located in Tongluo Township, Miaoli County, Taiwan.

Tongluo Station

Taiwan Railways Administration
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General information
LocationTongluo, Miaoli County, Taiwan
Coordinates24°29′13.31″N 120°47′10.40″E / 24.4870306°N 120.7862222°E / 24.4870306; 120.7862222Coordinates: 24°29′13.31″N 120°47′10.40″E / 24.4870306°N 120.7862222°E / 24.4870306; 120.7862222
Owned byTaiwan Railways Administration
Operated byTaiwan Railways Administration
Line(s)     Western Trunk line
Train operatorsTaiwan Railways Administration
Opened7 October 1903
Preceding station Taiwan Railways Administration Taiwan Railways Following station
towards Keelung
Western Trunk line Sanyi
towards Pingtung


The station was opened on 7 October 1903.

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