Tonga Major League is the top football division of the Tonga Football Association in Tonga. The 2021 season's champion was Veitongo FC. Teams are relegated to the Tonga Division II.

Tonga Major League
Number of teams7
Level on pyramid1
Relegation toTonga Division II
Domestic cup(s)Tonga Cup
International cup(s)OFC Champions League
Current championsVeitongo FC (8th title)
Most championshipsLotoha'apai United
(16 titles)
Current: 2023 Tonga Major League

The league is not fully professional.[1]

Clubs (2019) edit

Premier Division edit

Division 1 edit

Women's edit

Previous winners edit

Previous winners are:[2]

Top goalscorers edit

Season Player Team Goals
  Lui Muavesi Navutoka

References edit

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