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The Tomb of Haydar Amuli or Mir Heydar Amoli Tomb Tower and Monument Seyyed Se Tan is the burial place of Haydar Amuli, the Iranian Mystic and Philosopher.[1] The mausoleum is located in Amol, Iran.[2] Tomb production date, the primary structure was built 6th century AD. The Building brick and octagonal tower and pyramidal dome with height of 12 meters.[3] Two other erudite has been buried here, Izz al-Din Amuli founder mausoleum, himself was a mathematician.[4]

Tomb of Haydar Amuli
Native name
Persian: آرامگاه میر حیدر آملی
Tomb Mausoleum Mir sayyed Heydar Amuli (Seyyed 3 tan)fakhrul islam and rukn al din Amuli.JPG
Tomb of Haydar Amuli
TypeMausoleum - Tomb Tower
LocationAmol, Iran
Built6th century AD



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