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Aaron's tomb on Jabal Hārūn in Petra, Jordan
Aaron's tomb on Jabal Hārūn in Petra, Jordan

The Tomb of Aaron is the name of the supposed burial place of Aaron, the brother of Moses. There are two traditional locations of the site, Mount Hor, with one at a location near Petra in Jordan.[1]


The biblical Book of Numbers states that Aaron died and was buried on Mount Hor, on the edge of the borders of Edom.[2] Others say Mount Hor is located near Mount Sinai in the Sinai.[3] Others traditions state that Aaron, known as Harun in Arabic, died and was buried on Jabal Hārūn, or Aaron's Mountain, near Petra in Jordan. A mosque was built at the Jordanian location in the 14th century.[4][5]


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