Tokyo University of Agriculture

The Tokyo University of Agriculture (東京農業大学, Tōkyō nōgyō daigaku), abbreviated as Nodai (農大, nōdai) or Tokyo nodai (東京農大, Tōkyō nōdai), is a private university of agriculture in Japan.

Tokyo University of Agriculture

There are three campuses: Setagaya, Atsugi, and Okhotsk (Abashiri).


Tokyo University of Agriculture is a private agriculture university. It was the first such institution founded in Japan. As of 2006 it is the only private university in Japan that specializes in agriculture. Although its name is similar to Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology and the College of Agriculture at University of Tokyo, the institutions are not related to one another.

Including public agriculture universities, Tokyo University of Agriculture is ranked third, behind Sapporo Agricultural College and the University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus.


Tokyo campus in Setagaya-ku:

  • Faculty of Applied Bio-Science
  • Faculty of Regional Environmental Science
  • Faculty of International Agriculture and Food Studies

Atsugi campus in Kanagawa:

  • Faculty of Agriculture

Okhotsk campus in Hokkaido:

  • Faculty of Bio-industry

In addition, the university offers two graduate school programs: one in Agriculture and one in Bio-industry. There is a two-year junior college.

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