Tokyo Journal is an English-language quarterly magazine about Tokyo and Japan, which was established in 1981. The international edition of the magazine was published under the title Japan Journal for a time.[1]

Tokyo Journal
First issue1981
CompanyAuthentasia, Inc.


Tokyo Journal was founded in 1981, and owned for a number of years by the Japanese magazine distributor Yohan.[2] Its editors-in-chief have included Don Morton and Greg Starr.[3][4] In 1987, Boyé Lafayette De Mente became Associate Publisher of the Tokyo Journal. Together with Editor Glenn Davis, they made Tokyo Journal the first publication in Japan to produce a magazine on a computer from scratch using Apple Macintosh computers.[5] He later returned as a regular contributor to the Tokyo Journal, which continues to print articles he left to the magazine in tribute to him. The magazine was later sold to the Tokyo-based translation and publishing company Nexxus Communications K.K.[2] Ownership was transferred to Authentasia, Inc.Tokyo Journal is the oldest English magazine still on sale in Japanese bookstores.[2]


The magazine's approach has been to cover Japanese culture as seen through the eyes of those who know and live it.[2]


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