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The Tokyo Goannas Football Club was formed in 1991 and is the strongest and best known Australian sporting team in Japan. The Goannas are the premier team in the Japan AFL (JAFL) Competition – having won the Championship trophy a record ten times (7 times in the Japan AFL Top League format). The Tokyo Goannas F.C. is a non-profit organization created to advance Australian Football and Australian sporting culture in Japan. The Tokyo Goannas are continually contributing to the expansion of AFL in Japan and this is reflected in the JAFL’s Top League making considerable steps towards a consolidated and sustainable national competition for 2010 and beyond.

Tokyo Goannas
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Full nameTokyo Goannas Australian Rules Football Club
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ColoursRed and White
CompetitionAFL Japan
PremiershipsJAFL Top League (6): 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2015
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The Goannas are proud to participate in the JAFL along with other teams in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka. The JAFL is the only AFL competition in Asia featuring not just ex-pat Aussie teams but also teams of local born and bred Aussie rules stars. Since the Club’s foundation, it has played a vibrant sporting and social role for many Australians working in, studying or visiting Japan. The Club consists of a diversified membership base of expatriate residents, foreign nationals and supporters. As a result of the broad demographic of its members and the large number of sporting and social events held throughout the year, the Club provides excellent opportunities for both individuals and organisations. The Club is managed by an elected committee who offer Value Propositions for potential sponsors and we encourage you to get behind and support this well branded Club.

The Goannas are an important part of Japan’s international community and membership is not exclusive to Aussies in Japan but is wide open to anyone with a desire to do something that will become a part of their Japan stay that they will never forget. Playing and social members in the past have come from many parts of the globe including America, England, Ireland as well as many locals from Japan. We are always on the lookout for new playing and social members so contact us to join the best sporting and social club in Tokyo.

The Goannas hold many events throughout the year including the prestigious Tokyo Goannas Black Tie Ball held at the Australian Embassy. Other social events are also held regularly during the footy season including watching AFL footy games, quiz nights and so on. For those keen for a kick, training is held close to Shibuya, at Futakotamagawa, on a wide open field on the edge of a flowing river, with a stunning view of Mount Fuji, and monthly games are played at a number of Tokyo venues. All are welcome regardless of ability or experience - we can teach newcomers how to enjoy Australian Rules Football the Goannas way!

Japan AFL Top League PremiershipsEdit

Year Team G.B.P Team G.B.P Location
2006 Tokyo Goannas 8.7.55 Eastern Hawks 2.7.21
2007 Tokyo Goannas 15.18.108 Nagoya Redbacks 12.12.84
2008 Tokyo Goannas 26.11.167 Eastern Hawks 9.11.65
2009 Tokyo Goannas 13.10.88 Eastern Hawks 6.14.50 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
2010 Tokyo Goannas 12.15.87 Nagoya Redbacks 5.8.38 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
2012 Tokyo Goannas 7.12.54 Osaka Dingoes 6.15.51 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club
2015 Tokyo Goannas 10.8.68 Tokyo Bay Suns 10.6.66 Yokohama Country & Athletic Club

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