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Tokyo Gakugei University (東京学芸大学) or Gakudai (学大) and TGU, for short, is a national university in Koganei, Tokyo. While its history may be traced to 1873, it was formally chartered as a university in 1949 through the merging of four teacher-training institutions.

Tokyo Gakugei University
東京学芸大学 (Tōkyō gakugei daigaku)
Establishedfounded 1873; charted 1949
PresidentYasuhiko Washiyama
Administrative staff
Website Japanese English

In 1966, the Graduate School of Tokyo Gakugei University was established, and since 1996 it has offered Doctoral degrees in the education field as part of a coalition of educational institutions that include Chiba University, Saitama University, and Yokohama National University.

In recent years, Tokyo Gakugei University has developed programs to better accommodate professional school teachers, including evening and short-term courses. The university also houses a number of national research centres in education-related fields. In addition to its Koganei campus, it also maintains a number of attached public schools offering curricula in elementary, secondary, and special education at various locations in the greater Tokyo area.

The university has a strong reputation in education-related fields, playing a national role in the development of educational policy and innovations in teacher education.[citation needed]

University facultyEdit

  • A Course: The department of Elementary school's teacher training
  • B Course: The department of Junior high school and high school's teacher training
  • C Course: The department of Special school's teacher training
  • L Course: The department of Long-Life Studying
  • N Course: The department of Human Welfare Studying
  • K Course: The department of International Understanding and Education
  • F Course: The department of Environmentalogy
  • J Course: The department of Information Studying
  • G Course: The department of Art and Cultural Studies

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