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Tokyo (東京) is the capital of Japan, specifically the administrative region of present-day Tokyo, including the large western region and Pacific islands. Related to the capital, the name may refer to:

  • 1457–1868: historical Edo (江戸)
  • 1868–1943: historical Tokyo Prefecture or Tokyo-fu (東京府), an [urban] prefecture (-fu) which initially covered only Edo but was expanded in several steps from 1871 to consist by the end of the 19th century of:
    • 1889–1943: historical Tokyo City or Tokyo-shi (東京市), a [county-level] city (-shi), further subdivided into 15 (from 1932: 35) wards, and
    • in 1893 more than 150 other municipalities in six surrounding counties (later merged into Tokyo city in 1932), the three Tama (san-Tama) [counties] to the West (transferred from Kanagawa in 1893) and on the Izu and Ogasawara islands to the South (integrated in several steps in the 19th century), by 1943 including two more cities, see the incomplete List of mergers in Tokyo
  • 1943–present: Tokyo or Tokyo-to (東京都), a [metropolitan] prefecture/Met./"Metropolis" (-to), which includes (territorially unchanged from Tōkyō-fu, but with different administrative structure):
    • initially 35 sub-municipal wards, since 1947 the 23 special wards of Tokyo (municipality-level wards with restricted local autonomy in some matters, expanded autonomy in others), occupying the site of historical Edo and the former city of Tokyo; and
    • initially over 80, since 2001 39 remaining other municipalities in the Tama area and on the Izu and Ogasawara islands, among them today 26 cities, including one core city (major city with expanded local autonomy in some matters)
  • the Greater Tokyo Area, a metropolitan area with – depending on definition:
    • the 23 special wards at its centre and including other municipalities in Tokyo and surrounding prefectures
    • Tokyo, the prefecture, at its centre and including several surrounding prefectures at large.

Tokyo (トウキョウ) may also refer to:


  • In context of World War II Japanese radio propaganda:
    • Tokyo Rose, generic nickname applied indiscriminately by Allied South Pacific forces to each of the English-speaking females
    • Iva Toguri D'Aquino, groundlessly accused US citizen
  • Tokyo Sexwale, South African businessman and former politician


  • Tokyo-Ga, a 1985 film by Wim Wenders
  • Tokyo!, a 2008 film by Michel Gondry, Leos Carax, and Bong Joon-ho




  • 498 Tokio, asteroid named for discovering astronomer's native city
  • Tokyo, beer brand from Scottish brewers BrewDog
  • Tokyō, bracketing system used in Japanese architecture
  • Tokyo, a Money Heist TV-series fictional character.

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