Toša Djordjević

Toša Đorđević (c. 1790-1850) was a Serbian military official, known for his bravery in the First Serbian Uprising. He was the right-hand-man of Hadži-Veljko during the liberation of the Gurgusovačkog kraja, today's Knjaževac district. After the liberation, Toša was elevated to the rank of voivode of the district.[1] Years later, Toša Djordjević fell in disfavour when the Miloš government removed him as the Captain of Zaglavlje after the suppression of a rebellion in a Bulgarian town of Belogradchik in 1836.[2] Miloš did this as a diplomatic move to appease the Porte and remove all existing rumours of troubles brewing at the borders of Serbia and Bulgaria.

Toša Djordjević died in 1850 in Knjaževac.


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