Tlokwe Ruins

The Tlokwe Ruins are the remains of Sotho-Tswana settlements on the hills surrounding Fochville in Gauteng, South Africa. They were inhabited until the inhabitants were driven away by Mzilikazi in the 1820s.[1]

Tlokwe Ruins
Tlokwe Ruins is located in Gauteng
Tlokwe Ruins
Location of Tlokwe Ruins in Gauteng
Nearest cityFochville
Coordinates26°29′S 27°29′E / 26.483°S 27.483°E / -26.483; 27.483Coordinates: 26°29′S 27°29′E / 26.483°S 27.483°E / -26.483; 27.483

The Sotho-Tswana people lived in this area for roughly 300 years before the 1815-1840 Difaqane and the 1815-1816 volcanic winter. They farmed sorghum, maize and cattle in the fertile valleys and had a thriving community. During the Difaqane they accepted refugees from the south and eventually, caving in to both population and environmental pressures, moved toward the Brits area.[2][3]


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