Tindle Radio Group

Tindle CI Broadcasting is a media company which owns commercial stations in the Channel Islands and the Republic of Ireland. It has its head office in Farnham in Surrey, England.

Tindle's last station launch in England was for Ipswich, but sold interests in new licences in Andover and Southend before they began broadcasting.

Sir Ray Tindle acquired Island FM in Guernsey in February 1998, the first station of what was to become Tindle Radio Group. The business grew to an ownership of a dozen stations, mostly located in the South and Southeast of England. Between 2007 and 2010 four stations were sold, with the final five of the UK stations offloaded in 2013 through a management buyout.[1]

Tindle CI Broadcasting is part of the Tindle Group.

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Tindle owns two radio stations in the Channel Islands, and one in Ireland:

Former Radio StationsEdit

During 2013, four other stations in East Anglia were sold to Anglian Radio.


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