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San Diego is one of the major cities in California. The following is a list of media outlets based in the city of San Diego. People in San Diego are also able to receive media from Tijuana, Mexico.

The San Diego Union-Tribune Building, 2018



  • The San Diego Union-Tribune is the city's primary newspaper, published daily.[1] The Union-Tribune was formed in 1992 through a merger of the San Diego Union (established 1868) and the San Diego Evening Tribune (established 1881).[2] The newspapers hald been under common ownership since 1901.[3] The Evening-Tribune was the evening paper, while the Union was the morning paper; the Union-Tribune is a morning paper.[3] As of 2015, the Union-Tribune had won four Pulitzer Prizes and was the oldest company in continuous operation in San Diego.[4] In 2015, Tribune Publishing, which operates the Los Angeles Times and other major U.S. daily newspapers, purchased the newspaper in an $85 million deal.[4] The purchase ended 146 years of private local ownership for the paper.[4]

Other papers and news outlets published in the city include:

Neighborhood newspapers include:


Magazines published in San Diego include:


Online-only media in San Diego include:

  • Fresh Brewed Tech, a local tech news website[21]
  • Patch, a national network of local news sites, operates in San Diego
  • San Diego Story, an arts review website[22]
  • The Times of San Diego is a Web-based news outlet founded in 2014[23][24] that features local news daily for the city and surrounding area.[25][26] It has earned acclaim as a small business with a booming readership.[27][28] Currently the site reaches over 1 million unique users every month, according to its published reports. The audience is young, with readers aged 18 to 44 constituting the largest segment. Nearly 60 percent of reading sessions are from Southern California. At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic in April 2020, the site reported 1.53 million unique users.[29] Times of San Diego differs from other recent local-media startups in providing full daily coverage of news in a large metro area, rather than infrequent in-depth articles. It differs in this regard from Voice of San Diego, a 15-year-old startup, and has passed that website in audience size. Times of San Diego's contributing editors have been featured on local radio programs and have led training sessions for local journalists.[30][31][32] Times of San Diego has been named "best news site" four years in row by the San Diego Press Club, and the site's editors took home 23 other awards in 2019.[33][34] The site received a grant from Google in June 2020 to expand coverage of the local impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.[35]
  • Voice of San Diego ( is a non-profit news outlet in San Diego that reports on the city.[36] A Web-only local outlet, Voice of San Diego was founded in 2005,[37] it was one of a number of such publications that emerged around that time in responsive to cutbacks in traditional local print newspapers.[38][39][40] The site is known for both its news coverage and local investigative reporting.[37][40][41] The website is partially funded by grants, but is financed primarily on a paid membership model. In 2016, Voice of San Diego launched the News Revenue Hub, a pilot project aimed at helping other nonprofit news organizations adopt its model. Members of the pilot include Honolulu Civil Beat, InsideClimate News, The Lens, and New Jersey Spotlight.[42][43][44] It has won a variety of local journalism awards from the San Diego chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists (for reports exposing corruption at the San Diego Unified School District)[45] and from the San Diego Press Club.[46][47]
  • inewsource, a nonprofit newsroom[48]
  • Vanguard Culture, a nonprofit arts and culture website[49]
  • Water News Network, a specialized newsroom operated by the San Diego County Water Authority.[50]


San Diego is a principal city of the San Diego radio market. In its Fall 2013 ranking of radio markets by population, Arbitron ranked the San Diego market 17th in the United States. The market only covers San Diego County.[51]

The following is a list of radio stations which broadcast from and/or are licensed to San Diego:


Frequency Callsign[52] Format[53] City of License Notes Ownership
540 XESURF Spanish Christian Tijuana, Baja California "Radio Zion" -
600 KOGO News/Talk San Diego, California Primary emergency-alert station iHeartMedia
620 XESS Spanish Sports Puerto Nuevo, Baja California ESPN Deportes -
690 XEWW - Tijuana, Baja California - H&H USA
760 KGB News/Talk San Diego, California - iHeartMedia
800 XESPN Silent Tijuana, Baja California - -
860 XEMO Tropical Tijuana, Baja California "La Poderosa" -
910 KECR Christian Talk El Cajon, California "Family Radio" Family Stations
950 XEKAM Spanish News/Talk Tijuana, Baja California "Radio Formula" -
1000 KCEO Catholic Vista, California - IHR
1030 XESDD Spanish Adult Hits Puerto Nuevo, Baja California "La Tremenda" -
1040 KURS Spanish Catholic San Diego, California "ESNE Radio" -
1090 XEPRS Spanish hits Tijuana, Baja California - -
1130 KSDO Spanish Christian San Diego, California - -
1170 KCBQ News/Talk San Diego, California - Salem Communications
1210 KPRZ Christian Talk San Marcos, California "K-Praise" Salem Communications
1240 KNSN Christian Talk San Diego, California "K-BRITE" Crawford Broadcasting
1270 XEAZ-AM Regional Mexican Tijuana, Baja California - -
1310 XEC-AM Spanish News/Talk Tijuana, Baja California - -
1360 KLSD Sports San Diego, California FOX Sports Radio iHeartMedia
1420 XEXX Spanish/Talk Tijuana, Baja California - -
1450 KFSD Spanish/Catholic Escondido, California - -
1470 XERCN Spanish News/Talk Tijuana, Baja California - -
1550 XEBG Silent Tijuana, Baja California - -
1630 XEUT Variety Tijuana, Baja California "Radio UABC" -
1700 XEPE Spanish News Tijuana, Baja California -


Frequency, MHz Subchannel type Callsign[54]/Subchannel name Format[53] City of License Notes Ownership
88.3 Analog KSDS Jazz San Diego, California - San Diego City College
88.5 Analog XHKT-FM News/talk/Spanish Regional Mexican Tecate, Baja California -
88.7 Analog XHITT Freeform Tijuana, Baja California Radio Technological -
89.5 Analog/HD1 KPBS-FM Public radio San Diego, California NPR SDSU
HD2 Classical San Diego Classical music Classical 24
HD3 Groove Salad Downtempo/chillout SomaFM
90.3 Analog XHITZ Contemporary hit radio Tijuana, Baja California Z90 Local Media San Diego
90.7 Analog XHTIM Regional Mexican Tijuana, Baja California La Mejor MVS Communications
91.1 Analog XETRA Classic alternative Tijuana, Baja California 91X Local Media San Diego
91.7 Analog XHGLX Spanish Contemporary Tijuana, Baja California Pointe EXA-FM MVS Communications
92.1 Analog KARJ Worship music Escondido, California Air1 Educational Media Foundation
92.5 Analog XHRM Rhythmic Adult Contemporary Tijuana, Baja California Magic 92.5 Local Media San Diego
93.3 Analog/HD1 KHTS Rhythmic Contemporary El Cajon, California Channel 93.3 iHeartMedia
HD2 Pride Radio Dance -
94.1 Analog/HD1 KMYI Hot adult contemporary San Diego, California Star 94.1 iHeartMedia
HD2 600 KOGO News/talk KOGO simulcast
HD3 The Breeze Soft adult contemporary -
94.5 Analog XHA Regional Mexican Tijuana, Baja California La Invasora Groupo Uni Radio
94.9 Analog/HD1 KBZT Alternative rock San Diego, California ALT 94/9 Audacy, Inc.
HD2 Bob Radio Reggae
HD3 Glow Dance
95.3 Analog XHHIT Regional Mexican Tecate, Baja California La Caliente -
95.7 Analog KSSX Urban Contemporary Carlsbad, California Jam'n 95.7 iHeartMedia
96.1 Analog KYDO Worship music Campo, California Air 1 EMF
96.5 Analog/HD1 KYXY Adult contemporary San Diego, California KyXy Audacy, Inc.
HD2 FlashBack ALT Classic alternative
97.3 Analog/HD1 KWFN Sports San Diego, California 97.3 The Fan Audacy, Inc.
HD2 The Angry Playlist Active rock
HD3 The Bet Sports gambling
98.1 Analog/HD1 KXSN Classic hits San Diego, California Sunny 98.1 Audacy, Inc.
HD2 Smooth Jazz KIFM Smooth jazz
HD3 Channel Q LGBTQ Talk/EDM
98.9 Analog XHMORE Silent Tijuana, Baja California - -
99.3 Analog XHOCL Spanish Adult Contemporary Tijuana, Baja California FM Globo MVS Radio
99.7 Analog XHTY Regional Mexican Tijuana, Baja California La Invasora Groupo Uni Radio
100.1 Analog KKLJ Spanish Christian Julian, California Radio Nueva Vida EMF
100.7 Analog KFBG Adult hits San Diego, California 100.7 Big FM Local Media San Diego
101.5 Analog/HD1 KGB-FM Classic rock San Diego, California - iHeartMedia
HD2 - Sports KLSD simulcast
102.1 Analog KLVJ Contemporary Christian Encinitas, California K-Love EMF
102.5 Analog XHUAN Electronic Music Tijuana, Baja California Fusion FM IMER
102.9 Analog KLQV Spanish Adult Contemporary San Diego, California Amor 102.9 Univision Radio
103.7 Analog KSON Country music San Diego, California KSON 103.7 Audacy, Inc.
104.5 Analog XHLTN Spanish Contemporary Tijuana, Baja California Radio Latina Grupo Imagen
104.9 Analog XHLNC Spanish Adult hits Tecate, Baja California Tono 104.9 -
105.3 Analog/HD1 KIOZ Mainstream rock San Diego, California Rock 105.3 iHeartMedia
HD2 ALT 105.3 HD2 Alternative rock -
105.7 Analog XHPRS Classic alternative Tecate, Baja California -
106.5 Analog KLNV Regional Mexican San Diego, California Que Buena Univision Radio
107.3 Analog XHFG Spanish Contemporary Tijuana, Baja California Pulsar FM Groupo Uni Radio
107.7 Analog XHRST Spanish Contemporary Tijuana, Baja California Los 40 Principales -


The San Diego television market only includes San Diego County. The city is the headquarters of the privately held Herring Networks, which owns the AWE Network and One America News Network cable channels.

The following is a list of television stations that broadcast from and/or are licensed to San Diego.

Callsign[55] Network[56] City of License Notes
1.1 XHJK-TDT Azteca Uno Tijuana, Baja California
1.2 ADN 40 Tijuana, Baja California
3.1 XHCTTI-TDT Imagen Televisión Tijuana, Baja California -
6.1 XETV-TDT Canal 5 Tijuana, Baja California -
8.1 KFMB-TV CBS San Diego, California -
8.2 The CW/MyNetwork TV
8.3 Grit
8.4 True Crime
8.5 Quest
8.6 Twist
10.1 KGTV ABC San Diego, California
10.2 MeTV -
10.3 Laff
10.4 Ion Mystery
11.1 XHCPDE-TDT Canal Once Tijuana, Baja California -
12.1 XEWT Televisa Tijuana, Baja California -
15.1 KPBS PBS San Diego, California
15.2 KPBS 2
15.3 Create
15.4 PBS Kids
16.1 XETV-TDT Nu9ve Tijuana, Baja California
17.1 KBNT-CD Univision San Diego, California
19.1 XHUAA-TDT Las Estrellas Tijuana, Baja California
19.2 XEW-TDT Mexico City, DF
21.1 XHTIT Azteca 7 Tijuana, Baja California -
21.2 XHIMT
26.1 KVSD WORLD TV San Diego, California -
33.1 XHAS-TDT Canal 33 Tijuana, Baja California -
33.2 LATV
36.1 KDTF-LD UniMás San Diego, California -
39.1 KNSD NBC San Diego, California -
39.2 Cozi TV
39.3 LX
45.1 XHBJ Canal 45 PSN Tijuana, Baja California -
48.1 KUAN-LD Telemundo Poway/San Diego, California -
48.2 TeleXitos
49.1 XHDTV-TDT Milenio Televisión Tecate, Baja California -
51.1 KUSI Independent San Diego, California -
69.1 KSWB Fox San Diego, California -
69.2 Antenna TV
69.3 Court TV
69.4 Ion Television


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