Times Square (The Undead EP)

Times Square is a split EP featuring two Bobby Steele bands, the Undead and Times Square, released in 2000. The track "Bullet" is a cover of a song by Steele's prior band, the Misfits.

Times Square
EP by
The Undead and Times Square
Released2000 (2000)
The Undead chronology
Til Death
Times Square
Third World USA

Track listingEdit

  1. The Undead - "Undead" (live)
  2. The Undead - "Bullet" (live)
  3. Times Square - "Hipocritic Liberal"
  4. Times Square - "42nd Street"


The Undead:

  • Bobby Steele - vocals, guitar
  • Ian Lawrence - bass
  • Jaw - drums

Times Square:

  • Jill Matthews - vocals, guitar
  • Bobby Steele - bass, vocals
  • Dave Ari - drums