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Pre-Columbian era, to 1500Edit

Age of Discovery, 1420–1550Edit

Reign of Elizabeth I of England, 1558–1603Edit

Reign of James I of England, 1603–25Edit

Reign of Charles I of England, 1625–49Edit

English Interregnum, 1649–60Edit

Reign of Charles II of England, 1660–85Edit

Reign of James II of England, 1685–89Edit

Reign of William III and Mary II of England, 1689–1694Edit

Reign of William III of England (as sole monarch), 1694-1702Edit

Reign of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, 1702–14Edit

Reign of George I of Great Britain, 1714–27Edit

Reign of George II of Great Britain, 1727–60Edit

Reign of George III of Great Britain, 1760–83Edit

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